Google Season of Docs

Google is starting a new program for supporting open source project season of Docs
The program is all about documentation which would be a big improvement for the user manual


There was some discussion of this in the Blender developers meeting today, and someone said that Ton tweeted that Blender would be applying to be part of this (though I haven’t been able to find such a tweet from him). It should be a topic during next week’s 2.80 Homestretch Workshop at the Blender Institute.

It’s worth noting that unlike the Google Summer of Code, the Google Season of Docs is not for students but is actually intended for seasoned technical writers to get together with open source organizations, so it’s open to a different pool of potential contributors. Writers who are selected to participate are paid a stipend of $3,000-$6,000 depending on what country they’re located in.

I’ve always said that just about any 3D application can likely do enough things that the average user doesn’t know about that you could have a major release that consisted of nothing but documentation improvements and users would think it was the best feature update ever.

So hopefully Blender will be able to take advantage of this opportunity to get Google to help pay for improving the documentation!