Google started Google Plus their alternative to Facebook

Goole Plus

Google by my experienced had quite many failure when it comes to social networking.

However their new concept actually makes sense in many areas.
I find Facebook way to saturated and overloaded and in contrast Googles approach is a more focused on friendship groups, so called circles for communication etc.

Interestingly besides that Google also shows a much more advanced online-cell phone chat communication system as well as a terrific online video conference approach.

Both areas Facebook is not really strong at.
I am curious about how this will mature and if, if it will be accepted and used.

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Google creeps me out even more than Facebook. I don’t trust them with my data. They already know more about me than I’m comfortable with just from doing searches. I’d inspect the EULA very very carefully before signing on with them. The Chrome browser’s EULA has some frightening sections.

what is the problem - seriously …

Simple rule: you NEVER put serious information online.

Then all those services show no problem at all.

Google has hopes that its Google+ social network could dethrone Facebook. It has several good features, such as the video chat hangouts, ability to edit posts, and privacy measures. But there are some omissions that make people looking for more.
Google+ is just a few weeks old and its user base is still growing. Google’s social network is not perfect and there are some flaws found in it. One of which is its setting up Circles. Some users say that it is too much work and the setup interface is a little bit awkward.
Google+ also offers little management options. Some people would like to have the option of reordering their circles in the Stream menu according to importance. People would also like an option that would let users exclude circles from a post, even if the post is set to Public.
Google can also let people subscribe to a public circle, which is a circle that the owner opted to be open to the public. People can join the circle for various special interests. That way you could reach to total strangers who joined the public group on their own free wills.
Google+ uses Gmail for personal messages. A user can send an email message from Google+ but to receive the message, the receiver must go to the Gmail site.