Google Summer of Code 2011 starts

Here is the chart

Click here for the created branches.

Broccoli…in a salad!? Outrageous!

I wonder when Nicholas Bishops GSOC sculpting improvements will be integrated, the masking is an essential tool and one look at that list says it hasn’t been updated in 7 months, so will the improvements ever make it in there?

Seems like they’ve change the branch naming distribution a bit

So we’ll have Carrot, Cucumber, Pepper, Tomato, Garlic, Onion, Radish and Salad

Man, I’ve never liked broccoli, but that looks pretty tasty!

not just Nicholas’ build there is still some stuff that was in Jason’s sculpt branch that is not in trunk yet as well

Maybe they can merge those changes to the Onion branch and continue development and integration.
I think it’s a great idea to let people share branches. It will ease merging, help stability and “force” the student to cooperate.

Yeah, branch sharing was a very good idea! I hope some of the 2010 branches can be merged this year (waiting for Bullet Integration by Algorith)

Here is a more updated chart:

This is going to be some delicious salad. :smiley:

So Avocado branch will work closely with the Bmesh branch but will have no connection to the “Salad”?

Anyway this will be an awesome year :smiley:

I love the naming and find the branching strategy quite interesting! Hope Soccers will nicely collaborate with each other!


That is correct - They would be merged with bmesh I believe.

I think Unlimited Clay bugfixing&integration should be in the onion branch. It just needs a little push!

I am waiting for b-mesh.

Is there any indication anywhere if any and when the previous 10 2010 GSOC projects will be integrated? Were all the 2009 projects successfully implemented? As with Unlimited Clay, it seems a shame to waste any code at all. Shouldn’t all the outstanding projects <<coughfreestylecough>> be included in this planning too. I have plenty of suggestions for salad ingredients. My daughter likes Danish blue cheese, strawberries and candied pecan nuts in her salads.

Unlimited Clay has never been a summer of code project.

Tried “Onion” branch last night…

Already texture paint is much much faster!

Before if I even tried to paint on a 32bit image at say 4K the brush would just freeze in place and I’d have to restart blender…

Now it’s smooth! Exciting result so early! way to start Psy-Fi!!!

@ Michael
yeah… I am looking really forward to this branch too!! Jason Wilkins did last year already a great job!! I think we can expect some great improvement by him too! Psy-Fis proposal looks very promising too!! I hope this will be stable very soon so it can be merged in the main trunk!

Does anyone know where I can follow svn commits? doesnt seem to work for me anymore… :frowning:


Check the link below: