Google Summer of Code Question.....

I was just wondering about how these Google SoC projects will be implemented into Blender.

Will they be integrated into 2.42? Or will they come in successive versions?

Actually, I think if they were integrated into 2.42 then it would be an extremely long time before 2.42 came out…something like August right?

I think the SoC projects will be integrated to the code after they’re almost done, so a 2.42 (2.5?) release is not that far off, and 2.43 (2.51?) will include the SoC stuff.

By the parenthesis does this mean they might be skipping straight to 2.5? :confused:

and 2.43 (2.51?) will include the SoC stuff.
2.43 will be a bugfix. Plus, do you mean last summers code?

Edit: (I’m an idiot.) Sorry.

I don’t know if they’re really going to skip ahead and call it 2.5, but with all the changes made, this’ll be a big release.

Ah, I’d forgotten that most of last summer’s projects haven’t been integrated yet. It’d be better to iron out what’s already in CVS and make the 2.42/2.5 release and then add that (the SoC '05/'06) code.

I’m looking at the SoC '05 page now…from what I’ve seen on the CVS mailing list, only a few things (FFMPEG and some of the IK features like the “tree” IK) are already in the code. What’s happened with the other projects?

It’s both, actually. New SoC projects have approved for this year, along with the BSoD (Blender Summer of Documentation).

Oh NURBS where art thou?

It’s too bad that whoever was doing the nurbs refactoring gave up. I really wanted to be able to import my Rhino creations.

I also would like to see the new NURBS finally in Blender.:frowning: Is it not possible that some other developer finishes this project and finally integrates it into Blender?


Yes, nurbs. They are more appropriate for modeling some some things. I also like to use Rhino for modelling. Snapping to object is very useful.

What’s happened with the other projects?
Not all were finished, quite a few seem to be either complete or mainly done but aren’t in the main build. Verse and pytex to name 2. Ian

Pytex won’t be going in the way it was in the SoC because the new pynode that accepts python scripting for the node system made it obsolete.

Everything that’s done is in CVS (fluids, IK, ffmpeg and booleans). Verse is still being worked on, pytex will be replaced by pynodes, and the others were never finished. There’s no project waiting to be integrated in the main build, what’s in there is all that is finished.

Wow! There are still projects from last summer waiting to be integrated? How many? Where can I find info on that?

Brecht and Icoxo, I forgot about pynodes, I’m really looking forward to them. I suppose verse is all that’s left. Incredible amount of work done, gsoc really helped. It’s a shame that the voxels proposal wasn’t accepted. but I’m sure it will work its way in at some point. Ian

With open source software there could tend to be a lot of surprise features, there has been features like the particle improvements (weight paint density and length) that came at a very short notice.

Sure there are. You can find them all on the Blender wiki.

I’ve never had high hopes for NURBs integration. It’s not just a case of supporting NURBs modelling - you’d need to support all the features that meshes have and that is way too much work for what it’s worth.

I don’t really see any advantage to NURBs anyway. OK maybe some types of modelling it’s easier but all you need then is a NURBs importer, not a whole NURBs integration in Blender. Surely that’s as simple as reading where the points are on the NURBs model and replicating them with mesh points.

Maya does this sort of thing. The model doesn’t come out exactly the same as subd has a different curve fit but it’s pretty close and you’d just need some tweaking. Can’t you export to say an OBJ from Rhino?

Do you think we’ll ever see all these projects implemented? There’s a lot of awesome ideas (even though I’m far from understanding all of them yet :D), but the one that especially struck me was the animated tutorial thing. (Animated/Live/Interactive Tutorial)

I had thought of something like…if only I could code!!

BTW, what’s this mentoring thing? Like on the Blender wiki it says some people were mentored by Ton Roosendaal?:confused:

Sure I do. The Summer of Code was supposed to be a motivational trigger for faster development of such features but, of course, someone will want to pick up the unfinished projects and finish/implement them sooner or later, or maybe someone will come up with better implementations of the features described in the SoC page. It’s only a matter of time.

You can always learn to code :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m guessing guided by, or aided by the mentors.

Actually, I intend on doing that this summer. has some great video training on C++/OpenGL which I’m hoping I can get for a Senior graduation present (I’m graduating high school this year :D).

But yeah, I want to learn Visual Basic, Visual C++ and Python. And OpenGL. (Which is more of a library than a language right?:confused:)

BTW, have you heard of Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Express Editions?