Google web apps

This is a fun little web hosting tool.
google web apps can host applications in python and is very easy to use
here is the link
i was able to make a small program to compute how many days left till christmas and print it in CSS and HTML. Here
Note the servers may be in a different time zone then you so the prediction may not be perfect.
Here is the code.

print ’ ’
import random,datetime

def compute():
date =
day =
month = date.month
days = 0
d = [31,28,31,30,31,30,31,31,30,31,30,25]
month = month-1
while month < 12:
days = days+d[month]
month = month+1
days = days-day
return days

def findnoun():
x = random.randrange(1, 5, 1)
if x == 1:
say = “Christmas”
if x == 2:
say = “Santa”
if x == 3:
say = “Toys”
if x == 4:
say = “The Fat Man”
return say

def write():
print “<html><head>”
print “<style>”
print “.title1 {color: gold; font-size: 88px;}”
print “.title2 {color: red; font-size: 88px;}”
print “.important {color: red; font-size: 48px;}”
print “.noun {color: green; font-size: 48px;}”
print “.number {color: green; font-size: 48px;}”
print “</style>”
print “</head><body>”
print “<span class=‘title1’>Santa</span> <span class=‘title2’>CountDown:</span>”
print “<p>”
print “<span class=‘number’>”
print days
print “</span>”
print “<span class=‘important’>”
print “Days Till”
print “</span>”
print “<span class=‘noun’>”
print noun
print “</span>”
print ‘</p>’
print “</body></html>”

noun = findnoun()
days = compute()

as you can see there is nothing more then plain python.
this is a very easy to use system and i would recommended it to anyone interested in online python.