Google Zeigeist

I thought this site was a really interesting site. It tells you what are the top 15 searches for your country using Google.

It seems Brazil likes Hello Kitty at No.3 . :smiley:

Check it out:

I was doing some work for Google, and at the office I went to they were pulling some of the searches and projecting them on the wall in reception. It was quite hypnotic, and made me feel kinda voyeuristic.

Just after I asked the receptionist 'Surely, you must filter the content of that? and she had replied ‘Yes, we do.’, I felt compelled to say ‘Maybe you need a better filter.’ as the words ‘hard f***ing’ scrolled up the wall in capital letters.

Well, not surprising, people will search most for the things that are mostly on their minds. The reason half on the www is about sex/porn.

Chuck Norris is #3 in poland…