google's native client - the future for games on the web

has any blender game engine developer already looked into google’s native client?

there isn’t much hope for a revival of the old blender web plugin (security issues, too much work to support all the browsers on all operating systems,…) but to me it sounds like google’s native client could be the solution to all those problems.

it runs native code in a secure sandbox (even the python interpreter couldn’t do any harm) and for graphics it uses OpenGL ES.

so far only chrome supports it but i can’t imagine that the other browsers (except maybe ie :p) won’t follow.

being able to embed blender games into web sites would be so awesome! :slight_smile:

So basically it would be the blenderplayer in the web window?

Looks promising.

yes. I just asked the question on in an article. the very next day, they released an new article stating they just ported unity3d player, to NaCL . now running on chrome, without, WITHOUT plugin.

so. yeah. it would mean BGE games, in the browser! and we can sell games for like 9$ 1$ etc, on the chrome market.

I think it’s a vital step. such as the OpenCL implementation.

PS: I would try to do it myself, but I have no initial experience with BGE, code wise. I suspect there are some dev on the BGE familiar with it … :DS

I would love to do it as well, I just lack the knowledge. I’m sure someone will come along and do it though, it sounds a lot easier than making a web plugin.