Gooseberry second wind.

Well, I am nobody special to take the lead into this and if someone with more prestige can do it then just go ahead. Till then I suggest that we get away from the thread “Project Gooseberry” which, I suspect, most aren’t reading anymore to get back on a more positive track. Ton and the team are back from other duties and ready to push for the success of the project for the next two weeks.

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There is a new video and a message from Ton there to bring us up to speed about where the crowdfunding drive is heading and how it will intensify.

During the next days I’ll rake my brain and that of friends whose work actually is to fund projects. Better still, suggest in your turn places and peoples to who we should spread the word, how we could proceed about it, plans to keep the flame alight…

Don’t forget to have fun doing it. :slight_smile:

Mathieu Auvray and Esther Wouda talking about the script writing and their vision of the story:

Good idea with this thread. A much needed re-boot of the subject.

I know that Project Gooseberry will lead to improvements in hair/fur simulation. I’m wondering if that will include curly hair and wet hair.