gor to give him his props

alright,then I have been watching a lot of animated shots and one thing Ive noticed is that in each their props, like bats,cups etc Do they model their props. Do they model the whole settings???

ps thanks in advance

sorry about tittle Got no gor

Your post quality is so bad, I don’t even know what the hell you’re talking about.

And you can change the title yourself…

dude don’t you have something better to do then bug a 13 yr old kid damn go get a life loser danm . I’m looking for helpful people!!!

I’d help but the smoke from my weed pipe is just too strong and thick for me to read what you wrote. All the colours … love them …

Dude. You’re 13, so I guess I should cut you some slack or something, but I’m not going to answer this. Instead, I’m going to ask you a question…

How else would they have gotten the 3D animated props into the 3D animated movie?

OK, screw it, I’ll answer… Yeah, they modeled them. The animator didn’t model them, tho. The model guys do that stuff. The prop modellers. See, in larger studios like at Pixar and other places, there are different levels of job. You don’t start out modelling the main characters and animating the action sequences. You start out with smaller stuff like props, birds, background stuff. So yeah, people actually model all of that stuff, but it’s not just one guy, it’s dozens of people. On guy will model it, one guy with texture it, one guy will animate it, one guy will light it, one guy will render it, one guy does the composite…

And maybe you should just keep asking questions in the same thread instead of starting new threads for every question.

thanks man really thanks

The reason people don’t want to help you is because you don’t even bother to proofread your posts for mistakes (which shows a general lack of respect) and because you insult people (which shows a specific lack of respect). If you want to be respected, you need to respect others first.

I’m not trying to bug you, but you’ll probably get more help if you type in a way people can read and understand. And if you want to make a correction to your post, edit it or double click the title, don’t double post it.

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