Gordian Knotted

Long time, no post!

I’ve been shifting more of my free time in recent weeks back to natural media projects (ink/pen/sumi, clay, charcoal, pastels…). Always refreshing to return to that and find some new inspirations and challenges :slight_smile:

This was something I made for the weekend challenge:

(direct image link - zoom in browser if necessary)

I’d like to take this opportunity to wish a good new year to all of you.

Take care and be well!



That is very, very interesting though. :smiley: To my eye, it has a pen and ink look to it.

Nice and pretty squiggles.

I dont like the pink though.

The color seems fine to me, but it seems it’s a little busy for the harshness in the color it has, I have trouble looking at the bottom because it being upside-down doesn’t seem natural, I’d expect something with not as much busyness at the bottom while keeping the faces that are seen, maybe balance the bottom with some more of that soft object look seen in the middle.

As a piece to stare at, it doesn’t seem to have as good a flow for the eye as some other pieces of yours, it just needs better weighting and balance.