Gordon (Creature Marine) w.i.p.

Hi to all
These are of the screenshot of my last work…
My idea was that one to create one marine creature… :slight_smile:
Appreciate comments


what software did you use?

nevermind read it on your site. Can I see your base mesh? Oh and great start so far, however the legs are a little long and the pecs are…odd.

It was difficult to export the normal maps to blender? I’m interested in that…

that is so awesome… the legs look a little long, but it adds to the aquatic feeling. awesome, I can’t wait to see it with textures.

Why are people questioning the software. This is blender, am I right? O well, awesome pic anyway :smiley:

Just the rendering and the base mesh I would say. The sculpting seems to be from ZBrush. Too much fine details for blender and multires I’d say.

EDITED: Vote for the High resolution sculpting on blenderstorm.org (see my signature) to maybe change that in the near future.

Excellent work as usual! You are my sculpting hero. Stop by the forum some time.

Wow, model is amazing…I hope your as good at texturing as you are at modeling!

Yes, if you click her avatar, you can visit his/her site. She uses ZBrush, but she also has some sculpted Blender models.

Incredible design as usual… I really like the long legs.
can’t wait for updates :slight_smile:

cosi possente e cosi leggero… he seems floating.

the sculpting is definitely Zbrush. You can tell the first image is a screen grab from a zbrush render. Its good, but I think its all high res, not mapping. Blender I assume was used for AO.