Spare time project. Just blender and Gimp for textures and postpro

It’s a pleasant image.
2 things are a bit off imho.
Those hairs and general anatomy concept.
If I’m not wrong the original Goro anatomy was as if the lower arms were consistent with the rest of the body.
I mean at the right height and position.
In few words I mean as if you have a normal body and you put on top of it another bigger bust.
While your concept looks like a normal body with another 2 arms that sprout from the ribs without any real muscular connection with the body.
Hope it’s clear what I mean.

Great lighting and sculpt skills nice texturing also.

great work! good job!

Vey nice work!

So if the lower arm are consistent with the rest of the body, then the upper arm are growing out of his head? Or wa?

Lazyvirus, I’ve got the point, but I’ve chosen to give him more natural proportions.