Gossamer Days


Perhaps interesting to note is that these are not wireframes but rather all bevelled curves :slight_smile:

Thanks for checking out my work,


I don’t know what’s going on with you man, but the last months your work didn’t seem to have the final RT-touch. But the last few days. Man… just brilliant. Don’t know what drugs you’re on at the moment, but keep taking it.


Looks great… but how long did you worked on that?

Sago: LMAO :slight_smile: Thanks, Sago. Just a little more than usual free time usually is what really makes the difference for me :wink: That, and this latest batch of works were not the intermediary experimental types of blends I do between more “serious” projects like “Going Digital” and this one. Last month was more about me adapting to some of the new Blender features, mostly material and render nodes, trying to figure what might or might not work better in certain situations. Now that I feel I made some solid progress there I’m blazing forward with a bunch of new ideas and deeper inspiration :eek:

Bleufire: Thanks, Bleufire! It took I think around 7 hours. Time almost disappears when blending :slight_smile:


Simply brilliant.

And I am with Sago. Keep taking what you are taking. :wink:


Now, that’s a great piece! Like it very much!!!

Thumbs up man!

awesome, is the head a mesh or is it beveled curves aswell


Seems like you’ve been posting high quality images every day. o_O

Good work like always.

cough Gallery cough

enough said,

“It took I think around 7 hours.”

WoW, 7 hours!
That mean If you want you can create 3 master pieces for a day.
Genuis man!

can you say “meats miers”?

excellent work. and i’m not usually a huge fan :smiley:

simply beautiful !
can you plz explain the technique that you used for those wires :smiley:

keep em coming

Haha, reminds me of >Meats Meier’s style, too.

Very interesting use of curves, RobertT - and a nice result! I really like it.


Oh boy, the balance of the world is on a thin thread now RobertT found his way around the eternal quality vs quantity issue.

yeah yeah yeah, keep rubbin’ it it man :stuck_out_tongue:

Double that!


Holy Crapamoly.

Thats Gnarley, it reminds me of some of the stuff Meats Meier does (Edit: now that I look, I guess im not the only one) but its still very original! Why is this not in the gallery yet???

I have no clue what “Gossamer Days” means. But, I love the piece anyways because of the cool effect created with the wires. Could please explain what the title means?

Wow that’s pretty cool, what script (if any) did you use to create that?
Also do you think you could post a wire for us? lol Oh man, someone had to ask it :smiley:

Thanks for the positive comments, everyone!

The threadlike/weblike concepts behind this piece inspired the title. Since these are curves the wire would be like what you see only thinner. Is the figure asleep and dreaming or awakening, happy or sad or ambivalent, losing form or gaining form, caught in a web or free or connected/establishing new connections… these are some questions that could be used to delve into the potential meaning(s) of this piece :wink: