got a laptop :)

Hi , got a laptop
Acer 5620G-301G12Mi
Specs :-
intel core2 2 Ghz , 1 ram , 120 Hdd , 15.4 " , radeon

having some difficulties with touchpad , i have to buy a usb mouse !!!

touchpad sucks, usb mouse is the way to blend.
enjoy your new toy :slight_smile:

Hey 3d “g”
That is so cool. No doubt it’s for your university and blender!

hey , enabled emulate numpad , and i can’t figure out where do i find the [ Dot , or Delete ] of the numpad :frowning: . help !

It’s there some where. Don’t worry I have done many an essay on my own laptop. Worse comes to worse you can get a refund!

hey kB , i can’t find it dude , why don’t you start a thread and tell me the solution :smiley: , i’m lazy to do it :cool: !!!

and also , what about those updates to Monica ??
look at this big breast , yummm , TLisp Lishp !!! :evilgrin:

i have made the upadates with the laptop !!! :cool:
and deciding wether if she would need a belt to wear or not .
and also , hey , what was your breakfast today ?


you shoulda got LG P300- worlds most powerful ultraportable laptop.

hey , it’s a laptop for every university student , being selled with discount for us here in jordan .
and there were 2 models , and this is the one with the max specs .

I make my posts short - you are asking too many things of me.

I make my posts short - you are asking too many things of me.

make multiple posts then , here goes the dot thread .

i can’t find the Numpad’s dot ,
searched a lot in google .
isn’t there any solution other than buying an external one ? :frowning:

go for the external one - they’re very cheap, and exactly 1 million times easier than having to use that bloody function key every time, especially when you’re shifting the view around in Blender!

Yeah you can do that too.

3d [email protected] Look into getting a Nostromo N52. You can program it to use both keys and macros… and you can have up to 3 sets of keys for each program. It loads profiles for the software running. I was Blending with it and switched to a game and it automatically changed the keys for me.
It’s pretty easy to find on e-bay for cheap and I had no problem programming it. If you combine it with a mouse that has programmable buttons you don’t need to touch a keyboard while blending. :slight_smile: That’s how I roll B)