Got a new Blending machine

I got my Mac Mini finally. 1GB Ram. Because of a mistake my dealer made, I got the superdrive model cheaper. I also got a 17" CRT for £30 that goes up to 1600x1200 so no more squashed Blender screenspaces.

So far the performance is pretty good and it’s about 2 times faster than my old machine in general. The graphics card isn’t quite as good as I’d hoped but it’s still better than what I had.

I managed to sell my ibook on ebay for £425 so the total upgrade cost about £145. I’m also on Tiger, which has some really neat features. Hopefully the new developer tools should up the performance a bit with the Altivec optimisations.

I knew how big it was before I got it but it’s still surprising to see it. It’s half the size of my external firewire dvd burner.

i hate macs :stuck_out_tongue:

[quote=“osxrules”]I also got a 17" CRT for £30 that goes up to 1600x1200 so no more squashed Blender screenspaces.

LOl, I’ve got an 19" and 21" screen and still running on 1200x1024, because 1600x1200 is a little too high, since I also do pixelart when I’m bored, and that’s quite hard with a huge resolution. Maybe when I get a widescreen flatscreen 22" I try a 1600+ resolution. :stuck_out_tongue:

But sounds cool, a new machine, better blender comfor, so also better blender art?? :smiley: Gehehe just a joke.

to make a good strawberry coctail you need a Blender(the blending machine like yours) strawberries and ice-cream…
put them into Blender and u’ve got a strawberry coctail

I have 19’’ and run on 1200x1024
but my TV is 54’’ :smiley:

Yeah 1600x1200 is a bit high but I like that the option is there along with a lot of other resolutions - my ibook had just the 3 standard ones.

I hope so ;). One of the main things that stopped me making any renders before was I just couldn’t tell the right colours on my laptop screen. One day I’d have my display tilted one way and the next day another and the colours looked different.

:o, whoa that’s one big TV. Is it HDTV? I’d hate to have something that big and only be able to get somehing like 625x440.

Those macminis look pretty good.

Any idea how it compares to the new powerbooks? (apart from cost that is)

compensating for something?

JK I have a 64" TV but my PC sucks like a Thai hooker.

They will be about the same performance because the Mini has a slower hard drive just like the laptops do. The laptops with the slightly higher processor may be faster but I doubt it because a lot of the performance is in the system bus which is something like 167MHz in all of them. That’s why the G5 is such a big leap because it’s got a 1GHz fsb.

The laptop displays don’t usually support very high resolutions either. Most are 1024x768. Of course, by connecting an external monitor, you get higher resolutions and probably the same as I can (maximum is 1920x1440 I’ve just discovered).

One plus I can see the laptops having over the Mini is the graphics card as they have 64MB-128MB VRam, whereas the Mini has just 32. I think the card in the laptop is better too:

Radeon 9700 mobility
Core Clock: 450 MHz
Fill Rate: 1800 MTexels/s
Memory Clock: 260 MHz
Memory Bandwidth: 8.32 GB/s

Radeon 9200
clock: 250MHz
Fill rate: 1300 MTexels/s
memory clock: 400 MHz
Memory bandwidth: 6.4GB/s

Remember though that laptop ram is really expensive when you get into the GBs. Those new powerbooks look really cheap. I wouldn’t buy one without applecare though unless you sell it before the warranty runs out. My logic board went in my ibook and if it wasn’t under the repair program, I’d be screwed.

I have a 19" I think… Locked at 1024x768 :frowning:

Can you post a picture, please? :smiley:

Why is it locked to that? Is it the graphics card or the type of monitor? LCD screens tend to have really limited resolutions.

I don’t have a camera, I’m afraid. I might be able to buy a cheapo digital one - I’ve been meaning to get one so that I can take quick pictures of stuff but not necessarily high quality.