Got a problem with weight painting

Well actually 2 :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m trying to rig a character i generated in makehuman and I’ve been doing this for about two hours. suddenly i decided to delete the armature modifier, change the armature, name every bone that matters and start rigging again, using the mirror thing.

The problem is, when i get to the weight paint mode I can’t select any bones. I right click on them and blender selects the whole armature, back in object mode.

Can anyone look into this? I uploaded the scene file. it’s compressed and was saved with 2.49

EDIT: Second problem is, i can’t use the brush to weight through the head. The head has teeth but i can’t weight the teeth, only the outer mesh. to weight the teeth I have to go inside the head and brush them one by one in every angle they face. Can i avoid this?


Jacques.blend (546 KB)

Ok just solved. The problem was: I have to select the armature in pose or edit mode, then switch to the mesh and after that i can do the weights safely. Weird.