got an Idea for simulated reflections!!!!

ok lets say u have a plane on a wall (u want this to be a mirror), u also have a panoramic image of the room the mirror is in(the camera that makes the image needs to be positioned at the mirrors center and needs to have the same lens as the camera u will be using in your game), the image is then applied to the plane. U position its UV coords so that from the view of the camera outside of playing the game it appears that there is a good lookin reflection. so press P and walk around. well if u walk around the image on the plane just stays the same, that is of no use to us.

so all u really need to fix this problem is a script that moves the UV coords depending on the camera’s position and facing direction, in relation to the plane. It also needs to scale the coords depending on the camera’s distance from the plane

i saw a link on here once about faked reflections in the game engine, it actually involved mirroring the entire geometry to the other side of the reflecting plane.

no no no
copying geometry is a terrible way to fake reflections it is just not good enough and it takes up to much geometry

Is it reflecting a room… or the great outdoors.

If the previous, it is a great way to fake the reflection.

The latter, perhaps not, but really, if used in a level that only takes half of your intended poly count quota, would it matter?

That’s basicly what blender’s realtime environment mapping already does, except it uses a spherical mapping which is better for small, curved objects than flat ones.

I had that idea too. But I have no idea how you can render from a non-active camera to a texture. And the camera needs to be behind the plane, and change position relative to the main camera’s position. Like a real mirror. Real time reflections…But I don’t think it’s possible…

environment maping is not what i am lookin for here

and this could be used in any kind of scene

and u would render the texture to be used, using blenders panoramic image settings

I know this is possible, because i have seen scripts that use scrolling textures, I have also seen scripts that that do actions based on a camera’s orientation.

I just suck at python and i dont have time to learn

here’s a quick fix - add a alpha plane in the place where you would have the mirror and have alpha of say .5 then have an image of the scene from the mirrors perspective mapped to realtime reflections and then have your mirrored low poly geometry on the other side - you can’t see too much of the geometry and it looks like it’s moving - not much of “real” mirroring but it looks okay - i’ve seen it done in an HL online mod! :wink:

no thats not gona work
its not the kinda result i think many people are looking for