Got an Idea

Ive got an idea for a website where the viewer votes on pics being cg or real. Have a real pic then have an artist do the exact pic and vote on it. Tell me what yall think if anybody wants to get involved. Maybe we can start out here as a thread. Comments please?

Ive researched it a little and all the existing sources of this nature are pretty lame mostly forums talking about it…

Guess not…

you could do that here.

Some years back Alias did this as part of their Maya advertising.

I like the idea, but it has some flaws.

  1. This would have to be a group of only very skilled artists, very exclusive.
  2. It’s difficult, and time costly to make absolutely photoreal images. Most artists would rather do photoreal pieces for work, and get a nice payback.

But, I suppose if it’s done with simple photos, (such as a studio shot of a single leaf, ect.) it could be a fun way to practice photoreal imagery.