Got messed up in Sculpting?

I don’t know if this is the right place.Can anyone teach me how to sculpt, please. I’m experimenting this tool. By the way how many level of multires I need to get the sculpt working, the pic has 4, I will be trying it to 5. I want to sculpt his face. I got another problem the mirror editing does not make the sculpting even as you see I grab some part of the head and pull it to the left the pulled part is not equal as the one in the right How could I fix this problem?
Thanks in advance.

Maybe the center of the object is not in the middle,in the image it seems to be out of center
The level of multires to use depends on the detail.
The first level for the global shape,when you need more accuracy you add a level and so on.
The last level should be for sculpting very little details or use an image as brush.

Of course the highest level you can get depends on your machine.

But it´s better to do all you can into one level before going to the next.
And the most you use the tool the faster you will plan the process for each model.

Good luck!
Sculpting rules :slight_smile: