Got my Computer Fixed

Now I have excuse for no blendering!
I’ve got a perfectly running 1.8ghz 256mb ram, geforce 4 ti PC.
If only they’d let me hook it up to our DSL connection. They say that they know what happen when teenagers get internet in a secluded place. They’re probobly right, but it sucks anyway.

Now I have excuse for no blendering!

:o :o :o


Err… that should be no excuse for not blendering.

heh, well go out an kick some ass, build something really cool in blender

256 mb of ram %| phhh, if you have a good computer you should have 512 like me :smiley: :wink:

Have fun with your new box.


Ack, damn you, valarking. I’m still stuck with my 500mhz 120MB super crappy 5000 with an 8MB excuse for an integrated video card that doesn’t work well with Blender.
Unfortunately, this is all I can afford for now. :-? :frowning: :x :< :expressionless:

As if you even need that much unless you’re running a server,


Err… that should be no excuse for not blendering.[/quote]

Be very careful with what you say…

It would be a much more diplomatic move, not to explain to Fligh… :wink:

Now you definetely have no excuse… :stuck_out_tongue: (J/K)

I’m anxious to see what you can do, with your new “baby”… :wink:


As if you even need that much unless you’re running a server,

You do if you’re a GAMER
There are some pretty graphics-intensive games out there, and I intend to be able to play them all.


uhmm well…I can assure you that you do need 512 when you have some very big scene…the rendering then take less time :wink:

ok you two stop the arguing.

you need 1Gb minimum

and i have a 2.4Ghz CPU too.
geforce 4 Ti 4200 128Mb ram.
oh and a 19" flat screen monitor.

anyway mine is far from a GOOD PC, its prety average actually so i would expect at least 2Gb of ram, 3.00Ghz multi threaded CPU. and a 22" flatscreen CRT.


thats all you have, I think I agree more with alltaken, heck even with 1024mb of memory I still frequently, use more than that when rendering and havta use swap space :frowning: :slight_smile: :wink:

That reminds me, I’m going to go ask my mom and dad if they’ll ever repair my mom’s computer. Then if we get rid of my current one, I can use it. And then… MORROWIND! (I’ve still got it lying around. Hopefully it would work.)

I got Morrowind working again and I’ve been playing it all day.

This would be the perfect thread to say that I got the mouse working on Linux, I rearrange the Led connectors with a guild from the mainboard manual and a ps2 mouse manual I found on the internet. Couldn’t believe it worked :slight_smile:

Why stop there?

Get another full tower case and pack it full of memory chips - that might be enough… :stuck_out_tongue:

And I sit here blendering on a P150 laptop with 32mb ram and no accelerator (have pity on me :frowning: )
With a slow computer you learn minimalistic design - I modelled a knife once and the handle had (from memory) 24 verticies before subsurfs

Poor plip, bless his little heart
:wink: You could put a bunch of slave drives in a high tower and use it for virtual memory, I wonder how would you install external RIMMS

This would be the perfect thread to say that I’m about to try to make my old midi-keyboard work with Linux, so I can make some cool music to add to my animations…

I’m gonna mess pretty bad with the kernel and the ALSA configuration, etc. etc… so most probably my p.c. will end up like V.K.'s before he fixed it… :stuck_out_tongue: If it does, I’m gonna break it and most probably, go to buy a new one and pack it up with memory chips as phlip suggests… :stuck_out_tongue:


If you got all the proper info, then do it, otherwise, don’t.

hey timoneskontareeeeeesdiss

umm you could go buy a server board and pack on 16 CPU’s and 48 memory sticks if you want LOL

ha ha ha have fun with your 64 linux version!!!