Got myself a decent camera

Well i finaly got myself a decent camera after my old one blew up and the 1.2 mp on my phone just didnt cut it. Anyway heres a few test shots and some photoshoped stuff.
Camera is a Kodak EasyShare C603 6.1 mp and 3x optical zoom

Inside of a piano- used macro to give it DOF

Above + photoshop


Strange overexposed effect

Fun with slow shutter speeds

If you don’t want negative comments, do not read please :smiley:

Frankly i think the pics are disapointing considering they should be 6MP. The pics are way too grainy to be considered 6MP effective(unless this is a 3200 CCD?!). this is 3.2MP at best. I have nothing against your camera but I noticed that many companies are way over-rating their MP count. I’ll take a sharp 3.2MP picure over a blurry 6MP image anyday. The 6mp just takes up more space on the memory chip…

By the way i like what you dd to the Piano picture in photoshop!

yea they are quite grainy… if you have the option i suggest you set your camera to ISO-100 sensitivity, or less and see if that helps against the grainyness… you will have higher shutter-times though.

And i like the toned-piano picture :slight_smile:

The graininess may come from using digital zoom and a bad compression quality.

i think it may be bad lighting conditions i didnt use flash on any of them.

well according to your JPEG exif info on the ‘ornament’ image, you have a Easyshare C643. The ISO rating is pretty average for a mid-range digicam at ISO-160. The shutter time is 1/18 which pretty much says you need to get out more to take pictures with this camera:D

the picture is grainy as is at ISO160, so i wouldn’t recommand going higher. just see if you can open up the aperture wider to let more light in without sacrificing explosure time.

Keep experiementing and enjoy the digicam!

You do have skill/talent, but your camers is ugg. Shoot with the lowest ISO possible for the situation and try to use flash or exposure to adjust the lighting.