Got some bad news...

The man in black is dead.

Johnny Cash died this morning due to complications from diabetes. For those of you outside of America that have never heard of him, he was a multi-genre singer that got his start in 1954, though he was best known for country and western.

A lot of his music, most notably “Thing Called Love” and “You’re the One I Need” helped me through an incredibly lonely time.

It’s a sad day for the American entertainment industry today.
I went to check the news about Johnny Cash’s death
and saw that John Ritter has also died.

and barry whire a couple of months back :frowning:

I saw that after I posted. I heard about Johnny Cash’s death on the local news, but they didn’t mention his age. When I checked Yahoo I saw the news of John Ritter’s death. It came as an almost equal shock, as I was starting to grow fond of “8 Simple Rules for Dating My Daughters.”

Same here :-? :frowning:
That sure came as a shock to me.

my heart goes to his family and friends, since I also have diabetes, I hope the science will solve this matter very soon…

I hope I will have health long enough to be happy…

The president made a statement about Johnny Cash’s death…but I don’t recall him mentioning the foreign minister of Sweden…I think thats a bit odd.

I agree…though Powell travelled to Sweden (right?) or was it just to the Swedish Embassy, to forward his condolenses…correct me if I am wrong…


How many registered voters have heard of Johnny Cash?

How many registered voters have heard of the Prime Minister of Sweden?

You do the math.

there’s differences in their deaths, he died out of diabetes I have heard, our minister got knifestabbed…damn this world…it makes me really sad :frowning:

and she went away same day as 11th of septemeber, no wonder it vanished in the news in the states…

you do the math now 8)

Johnny Cash was 71

BTW does anyone know why the foreign minister of Sweden was killed?

no, they still don’t know who even did it, so then they dont know why either…

it is sad, black days here now :frowning:

Ztonzy wrote:

damn this world…it makes me really sad


I saw a new report, in Australia, that said she was in a shopping centre and that she was stabbed, the news reporter called it an assassination but offered no reason why.