got some issues with joints

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well to start with im a total beginner to blender and 3d modeling in general but i want to program my own game and cant effort to hire a 3D artist so my idea was to do it myself but well i dont have any teacher or a person i could talk to with knowledge so i learn everything with videos on youtube and googling

i wanted to make a character base which is naked and then have clothes as items in my game that can be changed (im not a pevert or something i dont want the character to be really naked just wanted to clear that…)

before i start with texturing i want to make sure that i can animate the character without any bugs so i tested everything out but unfortunally my character deforms very awkward when i rotate the bones…

i hope somebody could give me some advice on it…

it could be that the typology of my model sucks to begin with i know this could be the issue BUT how should it be done else? i have no idea how a link to a good video with a character that is similar to mine could help!

here is the video i based my work on with the rigging:

btw this is my second attempt the last time i assigned the vert groups manually instead of weight painting…

here the .blend file i guess i dont have to say that i dont want anybody to use it in their game and stuff… :wink:
femalebaseweight.blend (769 KB)

i hope somebody would be so kind to help me out and maybe even add me on skype or wherever you would like :wink:

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You are not going to get good deformations on a mesh with topology like this. There are lots of good tutorials on human body topology, and plenty of examples of models with good topology that you can study. A simple google search for something like “human body 3D topology” should give you more than enough.

Basic rules: avoid triangles, try to use only quads, create edge loops that follow the contours of the body, and it takes at least three parallel edges to create a good inner surface of a fold (like an elbow, for instance).

thank you very much buddy ! ill be sure to check your links out and thanks a lot for the advices!


well ive spent some hours on the model again and was able to replace the triangles with quads i still got one on the back but i think thats ok and i didnt do the foot and the hand yet

it has gotten a bit better but somehow it still behaves awkward i was trying out how the shoulder is deforming with the new quads and unfortunaly it isnt deforming as wanted… is the topology still bad or is it something else? i also tried out to edit the shoulder part but it keeps up deforming awkward so i hoped you could help me out

femalebaseweight.blend (776 KB)

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You will need to add shoulder bones to your rig to have any hope of deforming those shoulders properly. Follow the collar bone: start the shoulder bone at the medial end of the clavicle (near the pit of the neck) and run it out to the center of the meaty part of the shoulder. That should help, but it still won’t be perfect. Take a look at Fig 6, page 39 in K Horseman’s pushing points reference: you’ll need a loop similar to that. Right now, your loop goes UNDER the arm, not around the shoulder. Fix that, and it will also help, but it still won’t be perfect.

Shoulders are notoriously hard to rig.

Shoulders are hard to rig, but I’ve found lately that I’ve just been going about it wrong for years. Shoulders get much, much easier to rig when your topology improves. The chest face loops should follow around the shoulder onto the upper arm, forming the triceps area. Most people just make a boxy shoulder and extrude the arm straight out of that. That right there is the source of most of the shoulder rigging problems. The arm should be extruded down from the triceps, not out from the shoulder.

Of course, in a t-pose, the triceps are flexed, so “down” is still out away from the body, not literally down toward the ground, but think of how that shoulder topology would look if the arms were relaxed. Triceps should flow to the chest and back, and the arm would go down from there. The common, incorrect way of modeling shoulders has the triceps forming a loop into the armpit, then the arm bends like a hose toward the ground. The shoulder distorts and collapses to follow and there you have all the shoulder rigging difficulties.

for anybody who reads this thread and my have the same problem as me … check this tutorial series out it is really good and will most certainly help you ! not only with shoulders with topology of the full female body !

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