Got something I want to run by you...

What would everyone think of an Everquest/Asheron’s Call/Dark Age of Camelot meets Mech Warrior/Heavy Gear type game?

You’d have the adventure of a fantasy game in a sci-fi setting while a major war is going on, and you can sign up for military service in the countries involved. There will be some neutral countries, but with a large enough force they could be invaded by one of the warring factions.

In military service you would start out as infantry, then after training and/or proving yourself through quests and missions you can advance to a pilot, where you would pilot giant machines like in Mech Warrior, Heavy Gear, or Robotech.

In the warring countries it will be PvP with few if any safe zones. In the neutral countries you will have to park your machine (there will be a way to steal them if you get them through military service, or buy and earn them for the civilians (civilian machines will have weaker weapons, but good enough for adventuring and self defence) before you enter a town, and if you even draw your sidearm in a town or city the police will be on you. PvP will be limited to duels outside of the cities of the neutral lands.

There will be the obligitory economy, special weapons, gangs, etc. It will use the “bubble” technique to eliminate having to load zones, so unlike Everquest you could swim to another continent if you wanted to. The guards will not have godlike HP, so even a level 1 player could kill one, but they will spawn very quickly and in virtually unlimited amounts.

Does this sound like anything anyone would be interested in playing?

Yeah, sounds good.

Well, they do kind of have games like this. Shadowbane is all PVP and has gangs/guilds/kingdoms and stuff. Planetside is a MMOFPS, and you have a squad and you have to do war stuff and crap like that.