got the 8600 GT graphic card

today , got the 8600 GT gfx-card .
Hi , it’s a very cool graphical experience , everything runs too fast , wow …

and blender handles a lot of details now :slight_smile: .

edit :- where can i find the ubuntu drivers for it , the offical … (not any , like the detonator drivers … etc) .

Not sure where to get the drivers, but look in the tech support forum, they usually have a tutorial thread on 3D drivers…

In windows be sure to play with the antialias and antroscopic filtering.
The difference is very nice on the eye’s.

How much ram is on the card?

I have a simple 7900GTX, and right now I can play most old quake 3 based games at 4x antroscopic filtering, and 2 times AA.

I bet with your card you can go up to 4x AA and 8x ACF.

Have fun with your new card :slight_smile:

mimbuh , thanks, but in your opinion , what is the game that requires very high gfx-power currently , i want to try it , Call of Duty 4 ?

Crysis, but you won’t be able to play it I think.

but you won’t be able to play it I think.

why ? :frowning: .

Cuzz I don’t think you’ll be able to get more then 20ish frames per second.

Right now even the BEST graphics cards on the market struggle with Crysis (Yes, even 8800 Ultra). It’s so heavy on the graphics. Here’s a picture.

wow , i increase each value in HL2 , each value to the max , 1024*… and 16 x and all are max , the fps is smooth as a movie , …

edit :- i will try crysis and tell you , thanks .

That’s the card I have! It’s pretty nice isn’t it. :slight_smile: And I can play crysis with everything on high (Not ‘Very High’ Just ‘High’) it plays pretty smooth at 1024x768. And the specs on the rest of my computer is AMD Athlon X2 6000+ @3.01GHz dual core 64 bit, 2GB ram, I don’t think any other specs matter that much for speed, But when I went from 1GB to 2GB of ram I noticed a MAJOR difference in everything…

But congratulations on your purchase of a fine card. :slight_smile: It can play all other games I’ve played on high at 1280x1024, Like bioshock and world in conflict.

And about the ubuntu drivers, it just prompted me to install them with restricted drivers manager, so I clicked on it and it downloaded and installed them for me… Was easier than I was expecting… I am slso pretty sure nvidia has linux drivers on their site too.


which game is better , bioshock or crysis ?

Crysis is arguably “THE BEST” around.

Unreal Tournament 3 would be a close second.

Although, the thing about these new cards; They are very expensive. I mean one can buy a fairly decent laptop for the same price of an 8 series nvidia card.

Social… where are you buying your laptops, dude? ¯(º.o)/¯

which game is better , bioshock or crysis ?

As far as pretty graphics and advanced features go, Crysis. Bioshock has a much better story though, even if it is a short game.
BTW, Crysis ought to run a little bit better once they finally get that patch out “within two weeks of the release” :confused:

Oh yeah, and you can enable the very high features in Crysis on Windows XP. Google it. I’ll post pics in a little bit

Crysis might have one of the nicest engines on the block,But the artist ream was some of the sloppiest people I have ever seen.

In the begining, in the jungles of north korea, in the middle of nowhere, there is a sign for “Frank’s Garage”

Right after the frozen boat scene, you attack some type of small outpost, look in the kitchen, there is a tin can of dog food, that is the about the size of a bongo drum.(yet there are no dogs !!)

nice engine, Crap art team, story line is enough to give Richard Simmons and erectile dysfunction.

Nothing recently has really impressed me :frowning: same old shooters with a different look :frowning:

Look at my sig… not much gaming to be done me thinks… (i dont know any good games available for linux)

here we go :smiley:
Wallpaper sized, even, for those with 1680x1050 glory … although jpeg compression might keep you away

Wow Mmph! I never knew you were so picky on game graphics even if it’s Crysis and Crytek.

That card and the rest of the 8 series is pretty dang powerful as I heard, C&C 3 was tested on an 8800 GTX and the Gamespot team couldn’t even get the framerate down.

Even better:

Thanks! That’s the size of my monitor!

Crysis is awesome. Best graphics ever if you can run it :spin: The story is ok, its a bit too “american hero” for my taste though :no: The gameplay is perfect. And things like “Frank’s Garage” and the dog food are probably just inside jokes of the dev team or something. They are human you know, sense of humor, errors, utter non-sense :confused:… they dont bother me.

I hate shooters. The only shooters i could ever stand were Perfect Dark and Crysis. They must be good somehow… :yes:

Sorry, back on topic :o

I have two 8800GT’s they have the absolute best price/performance ratio. If you want to upgrade its the best choice. I can ‘almost’ run Crysis all at very high at 1920x1200, no AA of course. To play for real i have to lower some options if i keep the resolution at 1920x1200. I hope the patch and Vista SP1 will allow me to play all very high, but i doubt it lol.

thanks all , one by one ,

Although, the thing about these new cards; They are very expensive. I mean one can buy a fairly decent laptop for the same price of an 8 series nvidia card.

in jordan , i have bought it for 140 US dollars .
i have tried far-cry , it’s graphics quality was good , but i wonder why most of the players stick with graphics , gameplay and BGM and story IMHO is much better creteria .
the game HL2 was runned with everything max … everything , and it didn’t jitter :slight_smile:
Lost Planet , plays perfect now :slight_smile:

since i have seen COD4 on the net , seems that i will chose this one , and test it .
and after i complete it , i will finish bioshock :cool: .

hey …mabrouk.
i also have got GT8600 MSI…is there diiference between the other ones and MSI ones ??
by the way i have played DiRT in it ,it was a little bit slow