got the back & forth how do i make an object rise?

I have added a keyboard sensor, pause, key=E
And controller
montion actuator set for loc: z 0.15 with character motion.

but when i switch to play the object can move back & forth but not up or down.
Is there a physic something I am missing?[ATTACH=CONFIG]272445[/ATTACH]

Thank you

I never used the character physics type, but I guess this kind of objects does not fly ;).

As far as I know it is a very specific physics model designed for platform style games.

well. I can see how you’d think that…but: If that was the case it wouldn’t have a z option?
& let’s say you want to make your character a submarine for example. it’d have to go up & down…

no submarines on platfomers ;).

Use rigid body. This is the most general physics type.


your going to have to go with a physical object in that case. They are not that tricky.

A submarine is just a highly dampened object that has gravity canceled out when contacting water.

Collision property water-------------and-----force 9.8 times mass world z

Gravity with Character physics is controlled by the Fall Speed Max setting in Physics properties panel, and you need to set it very low, in order to keep gravity from cancelling out your upward momentum. You can also use large z-motion values, but at default settings, gravity will still overtake upward momentum, resulting in a jump (convenient, that).

As for using other physics types, if you want more realistic physics they might be a good choice, but character physics may still suit your needs better. While they are incredibly useful (almost obligatory) in making platformers, they are also have benefits for other game types: By deviating from realistic physics, they can often be easier for players to control, particularly when it comes to collision behaviors. Rigid Body objects tend to flip over during collisions unless you lock rotation, in which case they behave like Dynamic objects and bounce off of walls. Character physics tend to react in more traditional ways.

thx Galan. will try it out.
the “submarine” was just the first thing the popped in my head as having to go up & down (it was early).
But if i create a character, like a swimmer or superman for that matter, that char should be able to go up & down as well.