got the rigify to work with your help...but!

I finally got the rigify to work, but there are some controls that have no effect especially on knees. There seem to be two controls on the hand, one works and the other does nothing…there are several but those are the main ones.mod rigify test2.blend (1.94 MB) again thanks for helping.

Without screenshot i can’t be sure of what are those controls you’re refering to.

For the hand, in case it’s this one that i moved away :

With it selected press N , then in the N panel to the left, look for “Rig Main Properties”
You will see a slider named “FK/IK hand …”
Now move the slider and observe what happens in the 3D View

I think my problem is the layers, because when I click on the layers, I get a lot of bones in the body and when I move the knee the bones move and all other IK that did not work before…I got the generate down pad, but it is what I do with the basic rig that is puzzling me…its the layers that is messing me up