got TI 92 Calculator

HI , i don’t know how to solve number of equations with it :frowning:

let’s say i have


x = 2x + y + 0.25 z

z = 18 x + 4 + y/2

y = (x*z)/2

how can i use nsolve ?

i don’t know it’s syntax , please help , i need this for my Circuit analysis exam .

Maybe google can be your friend?

actually , i need it to solve equations with more than one unknown …


Archives–>file archives–>Access archives via the web–>92–>basic–>math ?

Looks like a lot of good info and help is available

Hope that might help. I personally don’t have a clue how to program one of those things.

Not sure but an abacus maybe a help. Back in the days we used about 20 ice-block sticks for our maths. But this was only good for numbers up to 20. And I think your problem has more variables than 20 complete units, and you can’t chew on the gadget widgitty you have. Yep try the abacus - I heard good stuff about it - slightly more complicated than 20 ice-block sticks.

Ice-block sticks, wow your parents must have been well off. We had to use twigs for units, pebbles for tens and larger rocks for hundreds, etc. I used to look at the parking lot outside the school (it was not paved yet) and get a headache. When the equations became more than I could handle, I always suggested using bumble bees for the next place holder. That seemed to work, nobody wanted to. Problem solved. :smiley: