Got time to kill???

(Riskbreaker) #1

If your just bored, check out my site, only partially complete though.
“SEE” page is yet to be constructed.

(acasto) #2

Your background is tileing and with the red text you can hardly read the warning :wink:

(jesterKing) #3

I agree with acasto, background makes warning hard to read.

Nice renderings in the menu, though.

(9) #4

I agree with Acasto for the backgroud image. I am a supporter of the text/image separation. Your image deserves better than beeing a background! :wink:

I like very much the little pics with their video effect, it’s REALLY cool! You might even remove the text beside to set them off. And perhaps I am dumb but I messed in navigating, clicking one the wrong image to go to a page. The first beeing almost black, I thought you have to click on the right side of the text, hehe :stuck_out_tongue:


(dwmitch) #5

Riskbreaker? I thought I was the only one that played Vagrant’s story. Are there any outdoor scenes other than flashbacks, or is it all in catacombs and what-not? I haven’t made it too far yet.

(basse) #6

the font is pretty, but horrible to read. and as others pointed out, background doesnt help either :slight_smile:

and about the navigation bar in the bottom… the effects are neat… but jump up a bit… maybe they should be on pause when mouse is not over them?? I dunno… all that animation just makes me restless… :slight_smile:


(Riskbreaker) #7

Well now…

The text? hmm…i’ll get that re-worked. Thanks for the heads-up.

The background? I’ll make a new one…eh…what’s the code for not letting it tile? (you know, like when you scroll down, the background stays where it is like it was in some sort of “back layer”…does that even make any coherent sense!?"

9: You like the background eh? Would you believe it was 100% Blender? No ray-trayer thingys and no paint touch-ups.

basse: You mean the animations jitter? they’re meant to. The images have a roll-over image effects when the mouse hovers above it, i still dont know how to make them pre-laoded (sucks, i know).

Hehe…I loved that game…“Re-enforcements?..I am the re-enforcements…”
Besides the underground catacombs you get…in no particular order:

The forest (i forget the name)
Streets of Lea Monde
A Temple (or something of the sort)
Haunted streets of Lea Monde (again, I forget the actual name)

Theres probably more, but I forget, I finished it ages ago…cool ending…man i wish there was a sequel…


(9) #8

Pure Blender?! Mes respects!

You ask for the fix (non-scrolling) backgroug image code. Here it is, for a single, centered and not-moving-while-scrolling image (if I understood… :smiley: ):

<body style=“background-image:url(‘image URL’); background-repeat:no-repeat; background-attachment:fixed; background-position:50% 50%;”>

(IMProvisar) #9

I agree on the font issue. Script is pretty, but not good for longer reading. Good for titles and stuff though. The color too… I found the dark red on black was tough to read, so I selected that whole “know” page to read it white on blue, hehe.

Other than that, looks good. :slight_smile:


(digitalSlav) #10

haha laughin my ass off man

2 things though
kmart has no code 3 and m&m’s aren’t allowed on layaway as they are perishable and yes i’m a manager there :frowning:

(macouno) #11

about the menu… put the text melow the animated gifs. That way people won’t mess up the links.

Oh and maybe it’s a nice idea to only animate the gif’s on mouseover. Makes it a lot more peacefull :wink:

(Riskbreaker) #12

tmtechie: Holy shite dude, you guys actually have codes!?
Not that theres anything wrong with that… :slight_smile:

9: SWEET! thanx dude!! (again with the ‘dude’…)

Again guys, Im reworking this thing, I do kinda agree now about the red text and font, so I’ve fixed that (hopefully).

The animated gifs? I dunno about that one, I’ll see what I can do…although it might make some sense if it shortens the download time…hmmm…

a revision is coming up soon so…