Göteborg apartment

This one was laying in my hard disk unfinished for quite some time now.
It’s inspired by an existing apartment in Göteborg, Sweden modified to my taste and needs.
I used a lot of free (as far as I can remember) props from around the net.
The rest I modelled them myself.

My intention was to produce a more warm, pleasant and familiar look, something that feels more homelike and not a perfectly designed space, that will felt somehow “stiff” and set, like the ones you meet a lot in the design magazines and some architectural renders.
I even tried to make some deliberate shooting “mistakes” to give a touch of “amateurism”.

Blender, Cycles, Filmic Blender (Always and forever).
40min/image on CPU+GPU(GTX 1060).
Post production done in my favourite software for still images Darktable.


Overall, fantastic job! My biggest critique is that the wrinkles on the bed don’t quite seem right, particularly on the thicker, upper blanket/bedspread. the sheets would have a higher frequency on the wrinkles, but the upper ones, while still having them, normally wouldn’t be so drastic.

Otherwise, all three look great!

Really good, well thought out renders.

The bedroom shot is the weakest. Might be the composition.

The light in the kitchen is very good. The uniformity of the floor tiles takes away from the realism I think. Otherwise really good.

The closeup shot is beautiful. A little overexposed in the center but that might just be my taste.

Great work.

Looks awesome !!!

Thank you all for your comments, I’ll try to implement them in my next project.
Here are a couple more shots.


Hi , great shots, the image looks like a corona render,the style is in my opinion pretty near to Bertrandt Benoit,i have just a question: is my impression or in the chair in the first image is noticable a jagged profile , like a missing application of subsurface modifier?

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I like how it done. Nicely done.

Thanx for the comments.
BBs work has always been a source of inspiration for me.
Corona is one of the best render engines out there, at least for this type of renders.
Unfortunately no Blender integration and only Windows version (a big no-no for me!).
Sorry I can not spot the jagged edges…

@Odilkhan Yakubov

Excellent work as always. Really nice mood! I think that the “black and white” basis of the composition balances perfectly with the light brown strokes of the floor and furniture.

Afaik Blender to Corona is developed here - https://bitbucket.org/coronablender/render_corona. It is supported by only one developer as I see and non-Windows version is even older, though it’s kind of present.
Very nice images, I wish I could achieve that

Thank you mate!
Your advice at an earlier stage of this projects has been really useful.

@Zak Gre
As far as I know there was never a Linux version or an interest in developing one, for all the well know reasons…

Not slightly true though. There is a plugin for c4d on OSX sort of beta version, would be nice if they had standalone for blender or something. But this is older and not sure what is going to happen with Chaos Group buying Corona render a while back.

There is a addon for Blender already, so perhaps netrender???.


Really nice stuff !! I like very much the light of your second picture ( the one with the bed ).

Really? all this in blender?
Going back to work! :spin:
I am so intimidated.
Great work!

…Higher frequency wrinkles? Are you kidding me? You are not throwing a rock in a water and observe the waves. There is no pattern to how you make a bed and what you do on it afterwards before the “shot” was taken (scene rendered)…higher frequency my a…

Anyway. Beautiful render man. Absolutely stunning.

Very nice.
Did you use Blenders Denoising or Darktable to denoise ?

Thank you all for your comments.

Yes I’ve used Blender’s De-noising then I added back a little film grain to give it a more natural look.

Hey, man, don’t be an a**hole. gradypactually makes a valid point, the wrinkles on the top layer would look different because of the thicker material of the blanket (in comparison to the sheet). Maybe he didn’t express that idea very clearly, but he is right. Go look at a blanket tossed over a sheet. He also gave his feedback in a polite way, I don’t see where your frustration comes from.

Impressive work and great to see what it’s possible with Blender with talented people. I have posted this to my ArchViz group. Some of the professionals there have already switched from MAX to Blender.

You might add these free and fantastic photogrammetry models by Oliver Harries to your scenes to add some natural colors. :wink:

Still Life by Oliver Harries.
My renderings with Blender 2.79 daily build.