goth girl

i’ve started working on this model a few weeks ago
i’m not realy satisfied with the hair
i first had curls, it looked very nice :slight_smile: but i had to do it all over again becource i hade to make the arms in thesame object as the head, so the hair was all messed up :frowning:
so i tried different things, none of it looked as good as the curls i think:no:

i hope you like it, or can give me some advice or something


  1. early state, with nice curly hair
  2. first skirt i tried
  3. second skirt (final one) and new boots
  4. other hair & make-up
  5. final hair, and arms
  6. final hair


for the hair, I think the last image is the best, and the rest is looking great so far. Are you doing this for a project or animation, or just to practice?

As for the rest of my two cents, I think coming up with a backstory for your characters is important, as it brings them to life and gives you more of an incentive to finish them.

so you mean the last hair is good enough, or the best out of this three and it need some work?
i’m doing this to practice, and i’m building up a portfolio so i can go to the game academy in about two years

good idea, i’ll think about a story, and finish some details.
after that i will make a scene and put her in there, hope it will look nice

nice work!

made wings for her
and armwarmers (or whatever you call it)


now i rigged her (everything except her face, i don’t know if i will ever do that)
and made a simple pose :slight_smile:
i also corected some details


i’ve put her into a scene (tought it’s not finished yet)
but it’s far from perfect: hair need to be corrected, dress needs more detail on the flat part
and she was wearing boots, but i guess they were in a layer i didn’t render :spin:

it took 2 1/2 hours to render this image, without the scene (only the girl and her clothes as the previous pics i showed) it took only 2 or 3 minutes to render.
also rendering only the scene took 10 seconds.
does anyone know why it took so long to render the girl and scene in one image?

tips or any support or something would be nice :o


ahhhh soft shadows please :slight_smile:

Is it just me, or do her hands look really large?

They are too large.