Gothic art inspiration.

Hi all. (Didn’t know were else to put this thread.)

When i whas a kid i fell in love with the gothic art syle, and now, when im older, smarter and more experienced in computer grafics i’m thinking of starting a new project, gothic of couse.
I’m not yet sure if it’s going to be in realtime or an animation yet, but i’ll decide soon.
I will be a manor and a terrifying trainride, more or less.

So, i whas thinking if you guys could give me some hints and stuff for what defines gothic art, the colours, the lightning, that special modeling style.
Just anything inspiring.
I yet got some poor experience of it, more or less from the adams family and a series of quite odd movies.

So anything like a guide or a image for some inspiration for me would be appreciated, really .:slight_smile:
This is my favorite of art styles.


Disclaimer - If I were to assume that everyone that asked a question had already searched google, I’d be dead wrong. So, I looked up:

Gothic Architecture
Gothic Jewelry
…and got the following:

Best of Luck!

Hey, nice.
Thanks, man, i had trouble with google. :slight_smile: