Gothic Bus

Well this is a bit of a joke project, for school. To make something gothic (that wasn’t other wise gothic, i.e. a city bus.)

Sill a WIP.

(And in case you’re wondering I’m still working on the underwater scene.)

I love it… the detail is amazing… the fount maby needs a centrepeice, like a gargoyles head or something

otherwise AWESOME (and i don’t often use words like that)


Now we’re goin’ places… :wink:

Very cool. There are a few places I can see polys showing (columns, mainly). I agree with Joe, a center piece would help the front.

It needs windshield wipers. :wink:

really good! really detailed. the scale is a bit strange - if the windows in the towers are actual human windows then the bus is - huge. Don’t know if that matters.

That really is funny. If you’re still adding stuff, gargoyles would be good, also something to break up the boxy shape (maybe in front?). Headlights of some sort? Good work. :smiley:

Haha, that’s funny!
I think you need another pillar to the right of the bus door, and maybe something on top of the towers.
Looking sweet otherwise.

Looks pretty cool although the rims look a bit odd

The lightsetup is really great is there any chance for us to see how you’ve set it up?

Is the vitraux material of the windows from the Blendermaterials Library? :eyebrowlift2:

I used it for my latest projects too ^^

joeab: Thanks! I just tried a gargoyle, unsuccessfully…:o

goodguy20k: Thank you. If you mean the ‘column’ part of the pillar, the polys were intended, but at the top and bottom I do need to set them smooth.

yogyog: Yeah, I know about the scale. I figure those are just decorative towers. The main purpose of this is to give an impression of gothic architecture… because it’s a bus, and cathedrals tend to be huge, accurate scale would be difficult ;).

Orinoco: Thanks for the reply:). See above about gargoyles. Could you specify about ‘breaking up the boxy shape’? And also, I was thinking little candles on the front for headlights…:stuck_out_tongue: (of course, if it has windshield wipers, might as well go high-tech with lightbulbs).

superkoop: Thanks for the reply/suggestions:).

bib_thebuilder: And the windows are just procedural.
Light setup (quite simple):

And Update (haven’t yet done all on my list):

Yap that would be great because I’ve been trying to achieve such an light setup for months

(Sorry bib_thebuilder, I edited that post! So the setup is there.)

Well, except for the towers, at first glance it looks like a gothic shoebox. I think more of a truck front end, like an old mack truck, might give it more of a vehicular impression. I know most modern busses are basically shoeboxes, but the older busses had engines in the front.

Something like this. The front of the window already has step like shapes, so just extend them out, and then put some short pedastles on the side for the candle headlamps.

Orinoco: Ha, gothic shoebox, I like it :p. You’re right about the old bus design, but technically I’m supposed to be modeling a gothic version of the city’s transit buses, which are modern. I’ll definitely see if I can make it look less boxy though.

right now its not gothic … add some pointed arches … right now you have things that are close to a pointed arch… but not quite…

good job :smiley:

Well that’s the problem with you Canadians – much too up-to-date. Honestly, spending your taxes on stuff like modern rapid transit systems…

Cool idea and nice detailed model so far - only thing I wanted to mention: the towers look like they are BEHIND the bus… imho of course :wink:

KrAzY: Ah yes, the lack of it actually being gothic does present a minor problem…:o
So you’re saying instead of this shape ^ on the windows it should be rounded?

Orinoco: I know, EH?:cool:

coodle: Hmm, I didn’t think of that, thanks.

It’s a pope-mobile… that’s what is is :wink:


Perhaps you should add some actual ogival arches. That would really make this project rock. I’m loving it so far, keep it up :slight_smile:

Edit; also, your project reminded me of a gothic cement mixer made by belgian sculptor Wim Delvoye

There’s a pic of it and some other works of him over here in some french blog.

I think it’s one of the most creative things I’ve ever seen. Great job!

Very good Idea :slight_smile:

It seems that U.S. bus are strange if we compare them with the english bus , with the french bus or with the australian bus (for example) :smiley: :wink: