Gothic Elf

This is my latest elf. Please tell me what yous thinks. I’ll be taking a stab at displacements with this mesh.


Nice modelling, but… eekk. Ugly elf! :smiley: Between the hunched shoulders, the hair/face, and the drooping boobs upheld by her rubber clothes, she looks either depressed, twisted, or… well, just not right. I’d probably run.

Don’t forget the glowing eyes;)

The ribcage and the stomache muscles look wrong. She also has an anaraxciouse quality to her.

Looks just like that character from the Dark Crystal, god I love that movie. haven’t seen it in ages.

her face is ugly as hell, and her tits are abit saggy. She should look young and her boobs should not sag that much. Musk, is also right about the stomach as well. But, do not lose hope, after all, you did your best and the model is not that bad.

I is currently working to get the abs to looks better. I know her face is fugly. Looks like a cross between Val Kilmer and Lucy Lu.:o I’m almost tempted to keep it that way. It’s nothing a hell of a lot of makeup can’t fix. But I is not sure why youz guyz says the boobs is saggin. Here is them from another angle, with her shoulders lowered. I is separating the textures for the model. Thats why its multicolored. If they is still saggy please provide visuals for how it should look:o

PS. How’s the abs’s so far.


:eek: Why did I not notice this comment? Dude, i hate you and I love you at the same time:yes:. LOL. They’re called Gelfings…

I fixed the face a bit and changedid the hair. Worked on her abs’s a bit too.

Dark Crystal… you… human:p

Did I mention that show gave me nightmares…


I added a normal map to her (still needs work), and decided to render her with the poly hair I was working on at first. I love test rendering and styling with new particles patch, and I can’t wait till it gets to a more stable version. Made adjustment to the face and materials as well.

All critiques welcome:o


Redid the bumpmap. Lost the 80’s do. Polyhair doesn’t like me, so I lost that too.

Here are renders with occlussion at 5. I know I need to adjust the sleeves and area around the neck. The slit in the dress comes from the unapplied mirror modifier.

Any thing else?


Looking good. The slit from the mirror modifier can be removed by simply moving the mirror modifier before the subsurf modifier in the modifier stack. That way you can stay in mirror mode longer. Oh, I think the flanges at the elbows need some adjustment somehow.

This slit is caused by the armature itself. Once I switch from rest position the legs move inward/outward a bit and cause the slit to appear.:wink:

This is the latest render.

I just noticed a shadow from the energy ball on her forehead. Let me know youz think.

I did a bit of fiddling in GIMP

Eyes need iris texture with some kind of vibrant energy,
hair strands need to be thinner at roots or scalp needs hair texture painted on,
Eyes are cross-eyed,
base of hand is bulging out and fingers are bony and don’t match the new - more innocent looking face,
Ears need to merge into or transition into head better somehow.

The elf looks cool, looking forward to more images!

Any ideas on how to reduce the cross–eyedness. Right now I have a bone with the eyes tracked to it, and the bone copies the location of the ball.

Edit: NM

I just decided to make one eye use Track to and the other eye use Copy rotation.

You’re right about the ears. I was gonna have them covered by hair at first so I didn’t worry about it too much.

This is what I do to track the eyes. The eyes are separate objects and I parent them to the head bone. I have an eyeTarget bone which is also parented to the head bone. I add a “track to” constraint to the eye with to = -Y and up=Z. The latest Blender builds have more control over which coordinate system is used in the constraint. In my example above I used world coordinates.

Yeah, that’s pretty much what I’ve done. The cross-eyedness is more she’s focusing on the ball that’s less than half a meter away, Combined with her head being angled more towards the camera. Realistically, it seems, through minor observation, the eyes won’t cross that much unless they are extremely focused. I used my brothers as guinea pigs :smiley: