Gothic Girl WIP

I’m making a gothic style chick, who will be a fantasy style beast hunter/tamer. Ive got a little animation planned out, but just want to get the girl done for the moment.

Heres my main reference picture: (I found it here on BA somewhere)

Heres the low poly, I started it earlier today, so its only a few hours work so far. Its 1048 quad polys in total. Please crit and let me know what I can do to improve.



Bit of a mess happening in the butt area :no:

And if anyone has ideas on how I can make the face appear more feminine I’d appreciate it.

From this low poly (when I’m happy with it) I’m going to unwrap and then make a high poly and add some details. Then bake the normal map and AO etc from the high poly to make the low poly a good game model + texturing
Then comes hair (not looking forward to that) and clothing. Maybe a weapon or 2 if I have time left (doubtful at this point…)

Cheers :slight_smile:

very nice…i couuld neer quite get the breast topology right

Thanks Klorine, I dont think the topology is perfect, but its the best I’ve managed so far, I’m pretty happy with most of it at the moment, just looking to tweak it a bit better. And who knows, I might learn something :smiley:

And before I forget I’m kinda messing with the hair as well, using the alpha textured planes technique (best for games)

There was a really nice thread around, which had a chick with purple hair (I think she was wearing some kind of black jump suit as well), it used the same technique. Ive looked around but cant find it, if anyone can find it that’d be helpful, it was a great reference.

Pretty happy with the low poly now, time to move onto unwrapping and the high poly.

The unwrapped UV’s

My first attempt at unwrapping this was pretty messy, had 40 or so individual sections (mainly from the hands). Cut it down to 15 now, much better :slight_smile:
Thanks to Dim, I used one of his unwrapped classmates as a reference on how to unwrap properly. The hands are particularly tricky…

Feedback? :eyebrowlift2:

Unwrapping things always scared me. Just look at her face. Anyways you are doing an excellent job so far man. I like how you are progressing throughout the various stages of creating a character. I would also like to thank you for revealing the alpha texture planes for the hair which is best for games method to me. I had no idea that that is what they did, I’m kind of saddened that I didn’t put that together before but oh well. Thanks anyway man and keep up the great work. :wink:

My main thoughts for the moment would be to broaden the torso a bit and make the arms thinner. The thickness of her arms at the two shoulder joins look like they are wider than her torso. I get that she is to be a strong character, but that seems quite odd.

Topology looks like it will animate well enough provided she doesn’t do too much facial animation. On that note, I would (if you can) remove some of the polys (maybe one less loop for the neck and one less for each shoulder) and put more polys around the eyes and especially the brow area. That way you will have more room to move with expressions and the look of the character. Getting a subtle female brow ridge, nicely curved eyes, etc. Sneak in a couple of polys for the top row of eyelashes - would help the femine look.

Check out the pic below, I’ve done some basic hair texturing now, not overly happy with it yet, but its a start. Its quite a tricky technique to get right, as im finding.
And yes, unwrapping is a litte scary :wink:

Thanks for the feedback Ben, I’ll go over each of those things tomorrow when I work on her more. Im really not happy with the face at the moment, maybe some texturing will help, but your advice is something I’ll try out as well.

One last screen before I head off for the night, added the start of some hair, baked a normal map from a high poly and added teeth, eyes and a tounge.

Im going to rig tomorrow (hopefully), and try to get her in a more natural pose, plus some other facial expression than ‘angry surprised’ as she has currently :yes:

Yes I’m aware of the age of this thread, but I promised AD-Edge a paintover, so here goes.

If I’m not mistaken your references are Andrew Loomis drawings…

Nice work on the model so far…


there’s some bloody good advice, if only it were a bit easier to read :P… nah, just being sarcastic.

This paintover is good regardless of the project. Because there are a lot of points in it that people often seem to do wrong…

Yeah, I apologize for my handwriting…

I’ve been tempted to do a “Game Character Modeling” bible for newer folks for a while now…

Thanks Dim, thats hugely helpful, lots of priceless tips there :slight_smile:

I’ll go over the model again and fix it all up, now that the contest is over I’ll be able to spend more time on this and not have to rush it, I hate rushing work.

And the head needs to be completely remodeled, I’ll start by deleting it completely and doing it again. :no:

love tho see the result


Done a little work on the model, added some deformation loops in the arms and completely remodeled the upper legs, waist and butt area, the loops there weren’t very good as Dim pointed out. Also made the ribcage more prominent as well as hips and other bones.

The head is removed in most pics because Im remaking it at the moment, just left it in the side view so you can see the overall curvature from her head to toes (which now line up as in Dims paintover).

Once the head is done and I’m happier with the model I’ll rebake the normal maps completely with a new high poly model.

Having some serious issues with the seams (as you can probubly see) mainly at the waist in those images. Its terrible! Ive tryed repainting them in gimp so the joins are the same normal ‘level’, but it just makes things worse.
If anyone knows a good way to fix them that’d be great.

I also started working on the beast shes going to fight, might post some screens a little later when theres more to show :wink:

It’s good to see that you’re trying to get the topology right. Topology is a pain in the ass when you’re not used to keep it in mind. It took me ages to model a head with fairly correct topology but it was worth the wait.
About the seams. Is your UV map up-to-date? Did you change your UVs after you baked the texture?

- Ani

Yeh the heads taking a lot of work to get right, it needs just enough detail to look and function like a female face, yet it needs to be low poly. Something I’m trying to deal with now.

I did change the seams a bit after these more recent adjustments, which has made the seams a lot worse, but even before that when the normal map was freshly baked and I hadn’t touched the UVs at all there was still visible seams (see the bottom picture of Dims paintover, they’re just visible)

I’ll see how it turns out after I bake the new normal map, while being really careful with the UV’s, but if anyone has any advice/experiences with this problem Id love to hear it.

Ok spent most of today working on a new head.

Added 200 polys compared to the original as you can see, but I think its well worth it, it looks a lot better and will allow facial animations to be a lot easyer.

Next up is a new High poly version so I can make a good normal map, then ill finish the texturing and get onto some clothing, hair and other details for her.

New head looks much better! Feel proud of the extra effort. :slight_smile:

Before you jump into the high poly version though, the cheeks could use a teensy bit more love. I would suggest merging the two red verticies and trying to remove the blue triangle. Do you need the edges marked in gold? They give a little more nose definition but it looks like her nose is quite straight anyway.

Keep it up and I’ll see you soon-ish at Monkeystack.

Thanks Ben :slight_smile:
Good points with the cheeks, there fixed up now, as well as some other bad sections at the back of the head and around the ears.

Haha awesome :smiley: I was there the other day when you were off in the Netherlands (as I’m sure you’re aware) You guys have a cool studio there, never even knew it was there!