gothic-ish town

i just got started on it this morning, i’m planning on making a small town, i only have 3 buildings so far.

Doesn’t gothic mean scary?

um, well not exactly, its an old form of architecture that uses tall spires high roofs, flying buttresses for support and lots of stained glass windows

Um… maybe it’s just me, but I’m only counting 2 buildings, unless the one on the left is two? It looks like its connected. What’s the eventuall plan for this thing? Still images? Animation? I think it would look cool with some good stone materials, dark lighting, maybe some rain and lightning…

gothic and scary, ah how european culture is getting recycled …


what image references do you use? the left building shows more roman characters than gothic. and your right house, shows elements gothic does not even have.

getting good references about that architecture style will help you alot for modeling the correct esthetics.


yeah, i used some books on roman architecture and some google images pictures of gothic cathedrals, and added in some of my own stuff, so i guess i’m kinda mismatching it all together and creating my own style… kinda… oh well.

o, and i’m planning on making stills from it. and possibly a game level using the game engine

Good thing you called it Gothic-ish, because if you called it Gothic I would have had to kick you in the butt. Haha.
Omfg, those spikes :]
This is where the former art-student in me runs away in total agony!
No offense :]

lol, none taken

hey vliegtuig

cool i am not the only anal person here :wink:

btw the game engine idea is interesting and worth to try out.

It’s annoying how people think that Goths are people who worship Satan, other than a German tribe, or clan, whatever. Weren’t the pointy castle things from the Franks?

Cool buildings.

No, actually German and Austrian Gothic architecture shows more pointy rooftops then the French.
But they developed a taste for Eastern style golden knobs. Like a cream cone.

The history of “Gothic” as in referring to the architecture is based on Italian architects calling the new architecture Gothic or barbaric which in Roman terms means the same thing.
The late Romans were quite upset with hordes of Gothic tribes breaking through the borders because for some reason they had quite a taste for Italy.
The same way the British seem to like Spain nowadays.
These Goths continued to do that and you had settlements alongside the borders.
In the west you had the Visigoth, in the east the ostogoth.
You could say they surrounded the Romans, who were freightened of these barbaric 1.80 m. monsters when the Romans were about 1.50m. tall.
Really funny to learn all that.
When The Western Roman Empire crumbled the Visigoth settled for good in Spain and the Ostogoth from the Balkan to Turkey.

I think I referred to this somewhere else on the forum :]

Why Electro-New Wavers started calling themselves Goths I really don’t know.
And they’re not all Satan worshippers afaik.

On the History channel I heard that the Goths were the only ones to get into Rome, but they just took their stuff and ran. Hahaha! My type of guys!

But, I like the Vikings better. Man, they’re awsome!

One time, two kids were playing togeather, and one took an axe and killed the other kid. The grown ups thought that was pretty good.

The Romans had to buy the Vikings off, the only reason they didn’t attack Rome was because it brought good trade. Maybe the Romans thought that they might lose if they didn’t.

Hey, RagingChaos66, do you use Booleans, cause Loop-cuts are better. use Ctrl-R for loop-cuts, for windows and stuff.

Hey, yeah your right, Goth isn’t a religion! Sorry to anyone who took that offensivly! Some kids at school said that the teachers and such couldn’t do anything about their style/what they have/whatever cause it was their religion. So I assumed it was a religion, because they said they were Gothic. How stupid it is that they no almost nothing of what they confess as being their religion! But, whatever.

wow, really sounds like you really know your stuff vliegtuig

Heh, I’m pretty sure the Goths had their own gods, so those crazy kids could pretty much worship them

About the town: yeah, being an architecture student, I find it kinda weird. Especially the cathedral, which should be at least twice as big (and that still would be small). In gothic towns the cathedrals were really supposed to be dominating over their surroundings (well, so were the romanism churches, but they were pretty bulky).

If You’re not trying to go for an accurate look, I guess it’s ok. If You do, however, I have to agree with the others, You need more research for this kind of a project.

thanks for advice everybody, i have more screenshots, also, i think many peopel mix up goths and wiccans. wicca is a religion. goth is more of a social label these days

i gotta fix the seams and stuff in alot of places:

i added a grim reaper like statue infront of the cathedral, modeling buildings is easy enough, but doing organic forms ia alot harder. any advice for improving the cloak will be greatly appreciated

I think I’m beginning to see what you’re after.
Not only do I think you can use some more Gothic references but also Bauhaus and Tim Burton’s Gotham city, right?

interesting :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

The statue is to big. It’s even bigger than the houses.

yeah, I scaled down the statue alot. and i started to try to make it look more realistic but its kind of annoying