Gothic style church

this will be used in a game that we are currently developing as one of the churches

so far a bit over 3k in polys which is fairly low poly for us

the church structure itself

this is the steeple or the bell tower

kinda hada redo everything couze it would be hard to encorporate some of this into a game… now the church has been reworked with another addition to it

and the wire

Looks cool, lets see it with some textures!

That’s a pretty good model, I hope the game engine can manage it…
With textures this could be really good:D

Yeah, It look really nice ( … brings up memories from the Gothic 2, a wonderful game by the way, that game had a monastery which looked a lot like your church). I’m wondering, what is the polycount for the redone model?

P.S. Could you please tell us/me what is the game you are developing?

the game name is Broken Alliance and is part of the openfrag project…

the polycount of the church is something like 10k so far and im trying to stay under 15k for the total church, which isnt highpoly considering we are creating a commercial grade game

ok finished the modeling

It looks really good.
You might want to see what it would look like if you increased the steepness of the roofs.
Maybe put a cross on the top of the steeple.

those are the decorations, not the actual architeture, they will be added later on when the model is actualy placed into the game