Gothic style church

Hey folks, nice to meet you all!

I have quite a big project in mind to test my modelling, texturing and unwrapping skills. Being a metalhead, I decided to model a medieval age church in gothic style. Here are some early screens:


Any ideas for additions to the main body or sides?

Oh my… That’s excellent attention to detail! Please keep it up. How were the windows done?

Thanks for the feedback! The windows were a tough nut. For the round glass I modelled one section, then spin-duplicated it, the rest was mostly hand-work, arrayed to fit the wall length.

Started doing some work on the facade

Gothic architecture, especially cathedrals was based on the idea of “enlightenment” and reaching towards the heavens. On the exterior facade, make sure to add a lot of vertical lines and stretched out proportions. Pointed arches are a neccessity as well. Also, for the most part, gothic cathedrals are layed out in a cross shape. I am assuming that the one end with the two towers is going to be the front of the cathedral. There is typically 3 doors at that end as well. One main door int he center which is usually larger, and a smaller door on wither side. I would suggest at the other end creating the remaining “arms” of the cross shape. Gothic cathedrals are very ornate with a lot of little minute details. there are a lot of little chambers and rooms. Gargoyles are also necessary. They were originally designed to “scare off evil spirits” and also were functional to direct water from the roofs. There are several forms of gothic architecture, my personal favorite is “perpendicular gothic.” For an example, look at Salisbury Cathedral. i am a huge fan of gothic architecture, so if you have any questions dont hesitate to ask. I would be right with you modelling a cathedral if it not for two minor things…talent and ability.

by the way, keep up the amazing work. I am VERY impressed with the modelling quality thus far.


Thanks for the help, Archiman!
Can I ask you to find some references about ornament styles used in the cathedrals? My googling skills seem to have faded away lately - all I found were (mostly) useless sketches with hardly any detail.

Sorry for the lack of updates, I have experienced a strong moral shock lately, and had no interest in modelling for some time.

Anyway, here is what little I have done through the days.

Very nice!! This is looking very nice so far! How many polys are you up to at this point?

are you going to put some stones on the faces ormleave as is ?

stone gives a much more realistic look !

where did you get the details for the different parts?
i search the wiki and web and did not find much details


Here are a few pics that I have personally taken. I will go through some more pictures at home and add some later.

I have some better pictures that are much more up close. I will find them and upload them.

here is a good example of the structure of a typical cathedral

there is also some good info here.

it looks very “assasins creedish”

Yeah I agree with C_sadner, it looks like a model from the Assasins Creed game.
Great work so far.

Excellent model Kangaroo!!!
What is its purpose?
Keep up the brilliant work.

p.s have you considered adding gargoyles??

Thanks for all the support, people!

I have decided that I’ll upload the model as-is if anyone wants it, because of a slight change in my life. Some days ago I freaked out while listening to one of my schoolmates whine about our government. So I decided that it’s time for a change, and I’m going to make that happen. As a result, I spend most of my free time studying literature about career making, politics and psychology, without thinking much about modelling or sport (still go to trainings though). So, back to the point - anyone willing to finish this model?