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Started this 2 or 3 month ago (the head):


To watch while listening his theme (youtube) or the sf4 remix.

Crits and comments are welcome !

Edit : and a special thanks to all free tutorials creators around the web , thanks for your job guys , without you i would never have been able to do this.

Peace :blenderlove:.

Wow , only one view \o/ …
So , here’s a little update .


Peace :-).

XD, wow, you doncha know? There’s an html error in the forums, so the view count corresponds with the no. of posts, of course that’s only for the newer thread, but anyways, crits.
Okay, his features have to more subtle overall. His transition from muscle to muscle, his chin has to shallower, and his eyebrows are too defined, his hair is too random, it is organized in a ring of spikes, then a ponytail, and finally his legs are a lot more beefy.
critique based on this ref:http://silverfret.com/images/games/StreetFighter/sf4-akuma.jpg

lil’ update :

ShadowFantasy1 : well , i don’t want to make a perfect copy of this interpretation of gouki , but since his hair is not enough good for my taste , i’ll try the style from your picture.

I’ve started the modeling of the head based o this image :

Peace :-).