Gouping/organizing objects in outliner..

Hi all,

I have a rigged character with custom bone shapes, all the bone shapes are individual objects on a totally separate object layer from the character. So When animating the character everything is nice and neat. However, since the bone shapes are all separate objects with different names, there is a long list of them in the outliner window. Is there anyway to tidy up this mess?? So all the bones shapes could be organized under one name like ‘BoneShapes’ that I could then expand to find the individual names? I’m a bit new at the outliner window, but understand its usefulness and want to be better at organizing it…


You can’t really organize in the outliner in list view or oops view. Yes, the outliner has two views so check out the oops view as well. The outliner is more of a display of the status of your current scene, you can filter, select and deselect, but you can’t actually affect hierarchy in the outliner. Not like C4D can. So just think of it as a scene status display and selecting helper.