Goz for blender 2.8

(Dheim) #21

I’ll try that, thank you. Unfortunately most of the time I need to send from Blender because it’s something hard-surface that was faster to make in Blender than in Zbrush for me.


(Tosky) #22

I did it as Сергей Голубев said and now it works fine even if I directly open Blender and send my mesh from here: no crashing for me!


(Сергей Голубев) #23

After this you can sen from Blender to ZBrush too

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(NinthJake) #24

Oddly enough this works. I need to send a model from Zbrush to Blender first, then I can just delete that model in Blender and send my object to Zbrush without issues. Thank you.


(Dheim) #25

Would it be possible to make it so that it doesn’t automatically apply all Modifiers to a mesh before it exports it? Or maybe have it as an option to apply them and then have it undo that after it’s done exporting? I say that because I work a lot with the bevel modifier and as soon as I kick my mesh to Zbrush it applies and removes all of the modifiers.


(kkar) #26

That is naturally doable. I am not sure who is working on this addon atm, if noone takes this I can take a look at it. Although it depends on how the reimporting is handled.

Just did a quick peek, it does not seem to apply the modifiers

me = ob.to_mesh(bpy.context.depsgraph, apply_modifiers = False, calc_undeformed=False)

So in theory what you are having should not happen.


(Dheim) #27

That’s very weird indeed then. I’ve tested it multiple times and it’s definitely applying the modifiers.


(kkar) #28

There could be a bug that needs close attention. I will take a look at it when I have time.


(Dheim) #29

I really appreciate that! Thank you!

Tagging @JoseConseco since he was the original author, just for visibility.


(Tosky) #30

Yup, the modifiers are applied to meshes before exporting.

Also: would be possible to revamp the 2.7x version?


(cgCody) #31

This is great, @JoseConseco! Thank your for sharing this.
(As well as your other tools. I happen to have Hair Tool. :+1:)

I am having the same problem as Metin_Seven. Objects from Zbrush import into Blender flipped on x and y, so they appear upside down in Blender. As you did, I tested with the dog included with Zbrush. And like Metin, changing the settings in GoZ_info.txt does nothing.

I’m on win10, so not a mac issue.
Latest Zbrush and Blender.

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(JoseConseco) #32

I cant fix this, if I can’t get this bug to show on my pc. I do not have access to zbrush right now, but maybe there is some checkbook in zbrush preferences - like flip on goz export.

About modifiers - I can add option for that.

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(cgCody) #33

Thanks for the response. I couldn’t find any settings in Zbrush to change. If those two axis flip variables in the GoZ_info.txt had any effect, I’d be good to go. Are those supposed to be changeable options?

I tried having a look in the python file, but I don’t have an IDE installed. It’s pretty hard to find my way around there in notepad.


(Metin Seven) #34

Hi @JoseConseco,

Does GoZ for Blender convert multiple layers of Polypaint in ZBrush to multiple vertex color channels in Blender? That’d be great.



(cgCody) #35

Problem solved. It seems to have been a fluke on my end. Installed today’s nightly build of Blender. I also reinstalled GoZ and went through the whole setup again.

Maybe that’ll work for you as well, @Metin_Seven. The installer is in Pixologic\ZBrush 2018\Troubleshoot Help
While troubleshooting my issue, I also tried painting on multiple layers in ZB. It looks like these get flattened to one vertex color layer in Blender. That would be a nice feature, though.

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Copy vertex colors between meshes
(Metin Seven) #36

Thanks @cgCody, I’ll try that too!

That’s a pity. I really hope it would be possible to add this, @JoseConseco. Many thanks in advance.


(Hickz) #37

Hey there! So there’s a problem with sending models which contain N-Gons (zbrush doesnt allow the face to have more than 4 sides), the 2.79 GoZ version automatically triangulated such models. Can you fix it for 2.8 as well?


(mzprox) #38

Any chance to export creasing from blender to Zbrush? It would be very useful. if it’s not working directly maybe an other type of edge selection could be transfered. I think uv borders could be used… though probably not perfect.


(Metin Seven) #39

Hi @JoseConseco,

Regarding the flipped model issue, a user named Semper wrote this at the ZBrush Central forum:

I had the same issue about the Orientation when i exported from Zbrush to Blender and viceversa.

I have a Mac with the Mojave version, Zbrush 2018.1 and blender 2.80. Actually i’m not an expert on programming or scripting in any language, but trying to solve the orientation problem i ended up fixing it, for me at least.

For those with the same problem you only have to modify the script changing a few numbers, i let you the changes below my comment. My sincerely admiration who created the addon, thank you so much. Hope it works for you guys, have a nice day.

You will need Xcode if you are a Mac User or any program of coding. I didn’t test it on windows though.

The first transform you have to modify starts at line 144 (i figured out that this controls the transform from Zb to Blender)

Change it to: (this will fix the orientation when you use the Goz on Zbrush to blender.)
(1., 0., 0., 0.),
(0., 0., -1., 0.),
(0., 1., 0., 0.),
(0., 0., 0., 1.)

The second transform starts at 360. (viceversa, fixing the orientation when you want it back to Zb.)

Change it to: (1., 0., 0., 0.),
(0., 0., 1., 0.),
(0., -1., 0., 0.),
(0., 0., 0., 1.)]


(PolyGreen) #40

thank you so much for making this!

Sadly I have not gotten it to work yet but it most likely is an issue on my end. Is it confirmed working with Zbrush 2019 ?

whenever I use the buttons it either crashes Zbrush or boots it up and crashes after. Will try again with the nightly builds tomorrow. Thank you again!