GP: Time Offset modifier in Reverse mode stops looping

Hello and thanks for reading;

I’ve encountered a roadblock in my Grease Pencil workflow. In this instance, I am trying to simply loop the frames of GP stroke object in reverse order, using the Time Offset modifier in Reverse mode, and specifying the custom frame range.

Problem: The loop only repeats twice, and then no more frames play.

To show you exactly what I mean, I have captured a small screen recording, of me creating a 5 frame loop in the video below. First I use regular mode, and the animation loops indefinitely. Then, I switch to Reverse mode, and the animation only loops twice before disappearing.

It’s driving me up a wall, and that’s what prompted me to register. I hope I described my issue clearly.


Greetings @kufgeo, this is a confirmed bug.
I created a fix patch here:
But later discovered some more issues with this, it does not take offset into account.

I’ll try to get it done right and then provide new patch. Hopefully this will be fixed before weekend.

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@kufgeo fix patch was just admitted to 3.2-release branch and to master.
If you are not building your own blender you’ll find changes available from tomorrow on daily builds.

Thanks for reporting, although I have to admit I found your post by accident. Better to file a proper bug report next time :slight_smile:

Also I have another patch to extend Time offset with the “Bounce mode”… see patch D14965

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Thank you very much for all this feedback on the subject, I’m very glad the fix is getting integrated.
The only reason I didn’t report it as a bug was because I thought I was doing something wrong :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:

@kufgeo now there is also a new mode: Pingpong, try it out it 3.3a

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