GP2X Skin - Icons made with Blender


as some of you might guess from my avatar, I’m a huge fan of old computer and arcade games. So I bought a new handheld console that’s made for homebrew software and is running Linux as operating system.

It’s the >GP2X and you’ll already find free emulators for C64, Arcade Roms (MAME), PC Engine SNES and more.

I did not like the default skin, so I made my own - it’s called Poison and was originally using a green background. When I presented it in the GP2X user forums, some people were asking for a blue version, and so I made a second branch.

All icons are made in Blender. If you’ve got a GP2X, you can >download this skin here.

Screenshots ‘Green Poison’ / ‘Blue Poison’:

Additional screenshots from the green version:

Very nice icons indeed. Im a fan of well made icons, they need to be simple yet complex enough to portray their meaning. Well done.

Nice, will definitely have a closer look once I pick one up.(planned) I’m working on a small sdl game just now for it.

<terribly off topic>How’s that battery life on that bad boy? I was al ittle worried about 2*AA’s and how long it would run esp. with DivX supported etc. I can’t see a whole movie being do-able.</end off topic interrogation>


Thank you!

At this time, my rechargeable batteries (2600 mAh) last for about 3 hours, so watching a movie should be possible. I think they’ll try to optimise the power consumption.

hey, very nice clean modeling,
you have a very proffessional look

by the way somthing i thought you may enjoy (i’m not sure why) here

Very well designed ICONS :o , the modelling is perfect.I just want to suggest you to create some colorful ones . it 'll be very nice :slight_smile: