GPL & Blender Adoption in Games Industry

(TeaCrab) #461

What has this thread turned into? lol


(BluePrintRandom) #462

I think one could run custom blender on something like
and not invoke GPL yet ‘rent’ seats.

same goes for BGE.


(Ace Dragon) #463

Autolocker from the old BA, where art thou?

As for the BGE’s adoption in the game industry, I think its position got markedly worse in the last 5 years.

UPBGE went steady for a while, but development is stopped again as a developer left, and this time it might not recover. There’s not much reason to cling to it now as FOSS solutions with permissive licenses now exist.

Though I wouldn’t be surprised if BPR tries to revive it with a fork again, as the BGE is like an all-powerful deity to some of the superfans.


(sundialsvc4) #464

It looks to me like it just turned into another resuscitated corpse.

A thread started “five years ago” will have little if anything to say to a brand-new thread which could have been started now. Games, computer hardware, and Blender itself have continued to evolve in ways that could not have been imagined then.

If we want to discuss these topics today, we should begin a new thread today that does not link to the distant past, and thus to things that have lost their relevance. Forum threads are a product of the times in which they were made. (If you want to back-reference an earlier thread, hyperlink to it.)

I do wish that this forum software would “auto-lock” threads beyond a certain age.