gpraphical interface does not start reliably

I suspect the answer to this question involves Windoze, but as it’s Blender at issue, this seems the most likely place to get a useful answer. When I start Blender, the console window appears almost immediately. However, the nice, user-friendly, graphical interface doesn’t start for some time.

Sometimes, it opens in a minute or two. Sometimes it (apparently) never opens. I’ve waited as much as an hour. Once the Blender graphics window has opened, I can quit Blender, and restart it without appreciable delays (just like other programs).

It acts as though Blender may be waiting on the availbility of something.

When Blender seemingly isn’t going to execute, rebooting the machine usually lets it run - although after a wait. Additionally, if I’ve been running something else, it appears to be more likely that Blender will never start.

I’ve also noticed that, after running Blender, and quitting it, some other programs (such as Main Actor - a video editing program) will not execute correctly. They give a message that there isn’t enough memory available (this machine has 384megs), suggesting Blender may not release all memory when it is shut down - a memory leak? This seems to occur only when I’ve used Blender on a complex image for extended periods.

In this latter problem, rebooting the machine (warm start) cures the problem, although Blender will again be slow to start the graphical interface.

Has anyone else had a similar experience, or does anyone have an idea?

I never experienced these problems, personally, but Blender uses a big deal of OpenGL stuff, so it is vital that your video card has a sound OpenGL implementation.

Most other cases I heard of were solved by ubdating video card drivers



Your problem is most likely video card related. Sometimes changing the color depth and screen res will fix the problem. Blender simply does not like some video cards and you may have one of those.

List your machine specs and version of Blender, and Windows Version. Someone will most likely have a more specific answer if you can give specific system info.