GPS's sketchbook

Hello all,
I haven’t posted anything on this forum in two years but some of you might remember me as the obnoxious kid who posted a lot in weekend challenges. Anyway I had an old sketchbook but I’m abandoning it because I want to start over since I’m hoping I’ve gotten a lot better in the past two years. General info about me, I’m a high school junior, I’m 15, and I’m hoping to go into some sort of artistic career, although nothing’s certain. I’ve been doing a bunch of 2D art lately but I still will make the occasional sculpt, so I’ll be posting those here.
EDIT: forgot to mention, any feedback including harsh critiques on this sketchbook would be very appreciated. Thanks :slight_smile:
Here’s a model I made yesterday, sculpted from an icosphere:

I have eventual plans for it but who knows if they’ll ever happen.

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some older stuff:


caveman continued

no textures yet except a place-holder noise texture

almost finished

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Hey looks really good! I love the clear anatomy of the cave man and all the texturing you’ve done. His skin and hair looks tangible.
Though the jaw and neck don’t quite look right. The jaw seems to merge into the neck and stand off to the side. It may be a hard pose to define the jaw in. I might suggest thinning the neck and clearing up the area around his chin.

Also your other smaller projects are really neat. i love the light, simple, serene feel they have with the low poly count. :slight_smile:

and the meme just for fun:

1.7 million faces, rendered with open GL and cycles render 3000 samples

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