GPU acceleration for AMD?

As you can see, when might we see GPU acceleration made for AMD based graphics cards. OpenCL has been out for a while, though I am not sure of it’s specs. I do know however that it’s been built to allow the CPU and GPU to work very much like CUDA can. Why hasn’t it been implemented as much when it was opensource substantially longer than CUDA.

And I do mean GPU acceleration for viewports, not just cycles.

Great link for those wondering about planned future features of blender. (Thank you Andrew Price).

According to that and the blender wiki.

OpenCL support for AMD/NVidia GPU rendering is currently on hold. Only a small subset of the entire rendering kernel can currently be compiled, which leaves this mostly at prototype. We will need major driver or hardware improvements to get full cycles support on AMD hardware.

The viewport is GPU accelerated since ages… it’s called OpenGL.

And OpenCL development is on hold, but it’s not a problem with Blender, it’s a problem with AMD and their OpenCL drivers.
Developers would just waste their time working on it at this point.

And OpenCL is not FOSS. It’s an open standard, and unlike CUDA not bound to a specific hardware, that’s all.