GPU AMD Radeon 8750M & Intel R HD Graphics 4000

Hello everybody,

I want to render with GPU instead of CPU. In the preferences – system tab I can’t change the settings from CPU to GPU.
I have two graphic cards in my Samsung Ultrabook: GPU AMD Radeon 8750M & Intel R HD Graphics 4000

Do my GPUs not Support the Rendering in blender or may it be a Settings/Installation-Problem?

Any idea?

Thanks in advance.


I saw Dan LaSusa render cycles on AMD gpu. Here is how:

  1. download and install latest BETA drivers from AMD. For Windows that’s 3.10
  1. Open a command prompt and type: “set CYCLES_OPENCL_TEST=all” (without the quotes)
  1. Start blender (probably best to do this from within the command prompt you have open) default location should be: “Program Files\Blender Foundation\Blender”
  1. Check your User Preferences --> System tab and make sure in the lower left the “Compute Device” is set to OpenCL and under that “Pitcairn” (this may differ based on which card you have) Then close the preferences.
  1. Now open up a .blend file that uses cycles and on the render the section I left the “Feature set” as “supported” and then set the device to “GPU Compute”
  1. Render! The first time it has to do a compile of OpenCL …check your command prompt it’ll tell you there…and wait. The first time, since it has to do the compile it may feel “frozen” just be patient. Mine took about 260secs to finish the compile. Once finished, you can check if your render is using the GPU by checking your task manager. If the render is running, and your CPU is NOT pinned at 100%, then you’re probably using your GPU.

Unfortunately with amd does not work quite well if so official single 60 or 50% of all cicles functions and could also hang the pc so that at times does not seem very practical if you want to test these luxvr LuxRender or if they’re better with OpenCL amd.

Desgraciadamente con amd no funciona completamente bien si es asi solo funcionaria un 60 o 50% de todos las funciones de cicles y tambien pudiera colgarse el pc asi que por momentos no lo veo muy practico si quieres prueba luxrender o luxvr esos si andan mejor con opencl amd.

I give up, serves me right for being a cheapskate I suppose :\

A rendering engine I’ve tried is to pro MachStudio is olo amd renderer and goes great with the link you want and let them test the only problem is that you move files to. Mab.

Un motor de render que he probado es el de machstudio pro que es olo renderizador y con amd anda genial con la quieres los link te los dejo y lo pruebas el unico problema es que no se pasar archivos a .mab.

Thanks Cusa, I’m checking that out now.

Edit - Download keeps failing, dunno whats going on there. ///// //// /////
If you want you can go up to (mega), but for the next week. Meanwhile try to download the program on these sites. Another very good is lumion for me personally not liked me much but eh not tested this either but it’s just not rendering what is the file (. Mab) as blender step that format is a mystery.

quieres lo puede subir a (mega) ,pero para la semana que viene. Mientras tanto trata de descargar el programa en estos sitios. Otro muy bueno es lumion para mi en lo personal no me a gustado mucho pero con este no eh probado tampoco pero es solo renderizado lo que no se es el archivo (.mab) como lo paso de blender a ese formato es un misterio.