GPU and the viewport

I’m super happy with the way my Ryzen 7 1800X handles rendering. My viewport performance, is a bit disappointing. I believe my NVIDEA 1050Ti may be the cause. Any advice on what GPU I should get to improve this?

Can you give examples of how the viewport performance is disappointing?

If you have a zillion polygons you’re trying to push around then you may just be able to choose between different degrees of slow, but slow all the same.

If it’s things like subdiv modifiers in 2.80 and associated animation playback sluggishness, then that’s currently slow no matter how much hardware you have.

If my scene is big enough, using the mouse to move objects is choppy. I’m wondering how effective a new GPU would be at mitigating this? something like a Radeon VII.

That depends on some things. What Blender version do you intend to use? Do you use a rendered mode in viewport?

That said, while a good/ better GPU is always preferable in Blender editing in itself is for most part more dependent on the CPU. It might be a better idea to upgrade your RAM. What are you using there? Since you didn’t mention anything else about your system we can assume you are using Windows 10 and don’t have to think about your machine swapping to early?

I don’t think it’s a ram issue, I have 32 gigs of 2666 MHz ram. I’m using 2.79b, and once in a while I play around with the 2.80 beta. It’s pretty much a quality of life issue for me. There are many ways to handle a slow viewport. And, no, I don’t use a rendered viewport, not very fond :wink:

Yes that should work well. Is it lagging in both versions or just 2.8?

I’m actually being specific about 2.79b, it’s where my scenes get big. My work on 2.80 has all been single model.

I don’t use really big projects so I can’t speak from experience. But from what I read it’s normal for the viewport to get slower from a few million polys upwards.
But again I am not aware that the GPU would improve this situation. Sry.

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