GPU choice question

i’m ready to get a new build, and it’s a brand new computer,
i’m aiming for cycles performence

1.780ti 3GB
2.780 6GB
i tried to search up some comparison graphs, but i couldn’t find anything
which one should i go for?

What Kind of Scenes are you planning to render with these?

If it’s Gigantic Scenes the extra vRam comes in handy,

If it’s Average Scenes the 780ti is faster… [i think 3GB of vRAM is enough, but I bet this is debatable]


thank you for your reply, but i would like to ask, just how much faster it is in average scenes, and how do you measure what is a gigantic scene?

What do you use blender for? Do you often do photo realistic renders with high polly models and big textures? Or do you more often do animations or simulations?

architecture visualization, with whole interior + extriors
cycles, so stuff like loads of furniture and with grass
maybe with some volumetrics

I would go for the extra vRAM then. With the stuff that I’m doing (Check my signature) I fill up 4GB pretty fast, and would love to have 6Gb. You can do a lot with optimizations, but that also takes time. And if you get a card like the ASUS 780 STRIX card, you can overclock it to archive speeds almost as fast as a 780Ti, but still have the benefits of the 6Gb vRAM.
Volumetrics is supported on GPU, so there you have to use the CPU.

do you mean strix with air or stirx with water?

The Asus STRIX is air cooled.

My opinion on this is go with the 780 ti, I just swapped one of my 580’s for one and am currently saving up for another one. The 780 ti is faster than a titan black almost as fast as my old pair of 580’s. I know it only has 3GB but hey I lived with 1.5GB on my 580’s for a long time so it’s double that anyway.

Stick with your Quadro for your display and bang in a 780 ti for rendering with would be my advice.